Definition of Cancel:

  1. A mark made on a postage stamp to show that it has been used.

  2. An instruction to void a previously placed order that has not yet been filled. A market order cannot be canceled. In the case of an order that has been partially filled, an order to cancel will be applied to the unfilled portion of the original order.

  3. A new page or section inserted in a book to replace the original text, typically to correct an error.

  4. Decide or announce that (a planned event) will not take place.

  5. (of a factor or circumstance) neutralize or negate the force or effect of (another).

Synonyms of Cancel

KO, Abandon, Abbreviate, Abolish, Abolishment, Abolition, Abort, Abridge, Abrogate, Abrogation, Absolve, Accent, Accent mark, Accommodate, Adjust, Annihilate, Annul, Annulment, Balance, Bar, Belay, Black out, Blot, Blot out, Blotting, Blotting out, Blue-pencil, Bowdlerize, Bring to naught, Bring to nothing, Buffer, Call off, Cancel out, Canceling, Cancellation, Cassation, Cease, Censor, Character, Come to nothing, Compensate, Compensate for, Complete, Coordinate, Counteract, Counterbalance, Countermand, Counterorder, Counterpoise, Countervail, Cross out, Custos, Cut, Cut it out, Declare a moratorium, Defeasance, Dele, Delete, Deletion, Deny, Deracinate, Desist, Direct, Disannul, Discontinue, Dispose of, Do away with, Dot, Drop, Drop it, Drop the curtain, Edit, Edit out, Efface, Effacement, Eliminate, End, End off, Equalize, Equate, Eradicate, Erase, Erasure, Even, Even up, Expression mark, Expunction, Expunge, Expurgate, Extinguish, Fermata, Finalize, Finish, Fit, Fold up, Frustrate, Get it over, Get over with, Get through with, Give over, Give the quietus, Give up, Halt, Have done with, Hold, Integrate, Invalidate, Invalidation, Kayo, Key signature, Kibosh, Kill, Knock it off, Knock out, Lay off, Lead, Leave off, Level, Ligature, Make up for, Make void, Mark, Measure, Metronomic mark, Negate, Negativate, Negative, Neutralize, Notation, Nullification, Nullify, Obliterate, Obliteration, Offset, Omit, Override, Overrule, Pause, Perfect, Poise, Polish off, Presa, Proportion, Put paid to, Quash, Quit, Raze, Recall, Recant, Recantation, Redeem, Refrain, Relinquish, Renege, Renounce, Repeal, Repudiate, Rescind, Rescinding, Rescindment, Rescission, Retract, Retraction, Reversal, Reverse, Revocation, Revoke, Revokement, Rub out, Rule out, Scrag, Scratch, Scratch out, Scrub, Scrubbing, Segno, Set aside, Setting aside, Shoot down, Sign, Signature, Slur, Sponge, Sponge out, Square, Stay, Stop, Strike, Strike a balance, Strike off, Strike out, Stultify, Surrender, Suspend, Suspension, Swell, Symbol, Tempo mark, Terminate, Thwart, Tie, Time signature, Undo, Vacate, Vacation, Vacatur, Vinculum, Vitiate, Void, Voidance, Voiding, Waive, Waiver, Waiving, Washing out, Wipe out, Wiping out, Withdraw, Withdrawal, Write off, Write-off, Zap, Call off, Abandon, Scrap, Drop, Neutralize, Counterbalance, Counteract, Balance, Balance out, Countervail

Meaning of Cancel & Cancel Definition

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What Does Cancel Mean?

  • Termination of an agreement or policy.

Meanings of Cancel

  1. Decide or announce that (planned event) will not happen.

  2. Neutralizing or negating the power or influence of (someone else)

  3. A stamp on a postage stamp indicating that it has been used.

  4. New pages or sections are usually added to a book to replace common text.

Synonyms of Cancel

delete , scratch out , do away with , wipe out , cross out , kill , scrub , expunge , omit , blot out , do in , torpedo , eliminate , go back on one's word , repeal , ax , stamp across , obliterate , efface , off , quash , wash out , eradicate , destroy , trim


Cancel means,

  • Cancel can be defined as, Termination of agreement or policy.

Meanings of Cancel

  1. Decides or announces that (planned event) will not happen.

  2. Neutralizes or negates the power or effect of (one element or circumstance).

  3. A tag on the post indicates that it has been used.

  4. A new page or section is inserted into a book to replace the original text, usually to correct an error.

Sentences of Cancel

  1. He will have to cancel his visit.

  2. Electricity sectors may be canceled.

  3. Stamp glue affixed with stamp

  4. Cancel cover page

Synonyms of Cancel

nix, mothball, balance (out), redline, counterweigh, axe, postpone