Can You Work At A Daycare With A Dui

Can You Work At A Daycare With A Dui

Can I work in a day care center if I have a DUI when I turn 18? 3

I submitted my resume and the manager said he was very interested in talking to me. He told me to go in first and check my background. I have had DUI since I was 18 years old. Don't bother signing up or can you ignore it? This is a crime.


I am now 23 years old.

DUI can be dangerous if you apply for a job that requires constant driving, such as a B. CDL license. But if you are already on parole and fulfilling your obligations to the court, it will not stop you from applying for a daycare job, unless it is a driver's job. Everyone makes mistakes and is punished for it. I saw one such teacher, but he did his job without interruption. Everyone is wrong, but it will not bother you for the rest of your life.

Applications can't get in the way, especially if your files have been empty ever since. (It is better if you are 18 years old and do not say what the sentence is).

None of us is perfect. Slip is not an obstacle.

I'm sure if your file is already empty (I'm not sure if it is now), it may not be able to use it for you.

Can You Work At A Daycare With A Dui