Can You Use Contact Solution To Clean Piercings

Can You Use Contact Solution To Clean Piercings

Can you clean a new hole with the contact solution? ۔

I've heard it from a lot of people and I just wanted to know if it was true.

I recently had a hole in the helix and I also have contact lenses, so it would be more comfortable to use your contact solution than to go out and clean your ears.

You should only use antibacterial soap and water to clean the hole. Bus! Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and saline solution will dry and irritate your new dirt. Antibacterial soaps kill germs that need to be removed as your skin grows. Be sure to lubricate the cartilage, especially when using ointments or surgical lubricants. Keep all fries away from your bars and keep an eye on the keloid marks.

I just bought spiders, yes, and my piercer said yes. But he also says the best way is to use antibacterial soap and wash it off with warm water. Try to avoid harsh solutions such as hydrogen oxide or alcohol as they can irritate and dry the pierced area and slow down the healing process.

But I'm not a professional piercer, I just repeat what my piercer said.

There are two ways you can do this ...

A) (I use when I go to the gym and I can't soak in sea salt properly ... and you won't want to use a contaminated pack for 6 months!) Drown me Clean the front of the earring. Take the other end of the Qtip, dip it in common salt and clean the back. Don't use too much force and just clean the crust. Buy standard Qtips to prevent cotton from sticking to your jewelry.

Buy a dropper bottle and disinfect it with alcohol for half an hour. Pour in the wine. Open the snack bag and wash the rest of the wine. Pour in the salt solution. Keep a new salt bottle and rinse to make sure all the alcohol has been removed. Keep a new packet of sterile salt and use it to clean your hole. If it runs out of salt, disinfect the bottle with alcohol, rinse with salt and fill the bottle with salt. So for each cycle, use two bags of salt to rinse the wine and one bag of salt to stay in the bottle.

B) Do not soak in sea salt. (The right way is much better because heat will prevent cells and lymph.) Disinfect the measuring cup and first clean it with water and alcohol and wait for it to evaporate. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt in 1 cup (250 ml) of tea water. Put in stock. Wait for the tea to cool. Soak your ears for 510 minutes if possible. Repeat with the other ear.

Take these two medicines three times a day for 4 months. Not twisting or touching jewelry, they just twist all the germs and put them back in the piercing, interfering with the healing cells. High quality varnish and high quality materials are inserted when your jewelry does not look on your skin!

Do not use alcohol or any other ear protector or piercing solution provided by Clears. Do not use iodine, antiseptic cream / ointment, antibacterial cream / ointment, antibacterial cream / ointment, hydrogen oxide, papisporin, petroleum jelly.

Alcohol / hydrogen oxide is very strong and skin cells will stimulate it instead of healing it (which is why it hurts). Also, alcohol is a temporary (good) bacterium in the skin that allows invading (bad) bacteria to enter. Polysporins or any disinfectants are also bad, as they block the flow of air and kill bacteria. In fact, nothing more than sea salt or saline solution. You will annoy him and fix him.

No, they say that because you clean your hole with salt, and we used to call it salt. There are different types of wound cleansing and contact, you have to go to the store to buy the right kind of saline solution.

Can You Use Contact Solution To Clean Piercings