Can You Tan Underwater

Can You Tan Underwater

Can you sunbathe underwater? 3

I read this lesson many times, especially in the summer.

Yes sir !! You can sunbathe underwater! Think of it as a mirror, not only does it bounce but it stays alive in your skin!

Although you know you can't burn, I recommend using sunscreen if it lasts longer than 2 hours. In the water.

PE help!

Follow! As the sun reflects water, the chances of burning are very high. I am an elite swimmer and train 10 times a week and I also tan my mom with an ugly SDO style tan line. The ultraviolet rays of the snow are reflected from the snow, but everything is very difficult, just the reflection that the sunscreen does not protect it when I have a really strong tan.

When you are in the water, you are more likely to get out in the sun because the water reflects light on your skin. So yes, but you can burn too, so use FPS!

Can You Tan Underwater

Can You Tan Underwater

If you can see (ie you are not 300 feet below the LOL) then there is sunlight and that light can tan / burn your skin.

And when you swim, when you are in the water, you take it from both sides and it is reflected in the water.

This way you will tan or burn over time.

Yes, you can bathe in the sun even on a cloudy day.

Water makes the sun bigger.

I do not think so

I thought you were on fire.

Unless you use sunscreen.


Can You Tan Underwater