Can You Still Play Project Spark

Can You Still Play Project Spark

Can you still play Project Spark?

Spark project retirement. Project Spark has been retired and the game will no longer be available for purchase or download from the Microsoft Store after May 13, 2016. Services for existing users will be discontinued on August 12, 2016.

Why did Project Spark also stop?

Microsoft has given up on its kit to build the Spark DIY project. As of today, the title is no longer available on the Xbox Marketplace or Windows Store. It also included his Conker game, Conker’s Big Reunion, which allowed people to level up using resources from the cult franchise.

So the question is: can you still download Project Spark?

Download Project Spark on Windows 10, 8 to create your own games. Project Spark is an exciting upcoming game from Microsoft Studios that will allow you to turn it into real games. Now it turns out that the app is already available in the Windows Store because it leaked.

Secondly, what happened to Project Spark?

The software manufacturer has removed Project Spark from the Xbox Marketplace and Windows Store and existing users of the tool will no longer be able to use it on August 12. Players can create custom worlds, characters and animations for Xbox One and edit or continue playing on a Windows PC.

What happened at Conker’s big reunion?

Conkers Big Reunion was canceled when Microsoft stopped supporting the Project Spark DLC. Microsoft will no longer be active in Project Spark development after October 5th. A final content pack with over 200 new resources will be added to the game and the maximum terrain limit has been doubled.

Can You Still Play Project Spark