Can You Sell Wine On Craigslist

Can You Sell Wine On Craigslist

Can I sell wine on Craigslist? 3

I just closed my shop and I have 100 bottles of wine left. Can I sell it on Craigslist?

I believe that the delivery of alcohol products is a legal requirement. You have to send it yourself, and I'm not sure what the interstate laws are about. The only thing right is to sell to locals.


Transmission of alcoholic beverages through state or national channels is not legal unless you are licensed. USPS will trust you.

They don't post anything on the Craigslist. This is local. I think if you make sure that this person is over 21 years old and don't call him your own, that's fine.

For this reason, never use the US Postal Service ... but you can use UPS or FedEx or a similar private shipper.

Can You Sell Wine On Craigslist