Can You Reprogram A Key Fob

Can You Reprogram A Key Fob

Can you reprogram the remote used in other cars? 3

I plan to buy a used chain on eBay and program it in the car (Dodge Durango 2000). Does it work or do I have to buy a new one? I plan to take it to the dealer for planning. I intend to use it to change my (lost) language.

There is almost always a way to program cargo to work on other vehicles. Normally you can find the Onboard Diagnostic Computer (OBCII) socket under the dashboard, connect the two pins to a cable, press the FOB button to turn on the ignition 3 times, release the button, ignition Can be turned on again. . . Etc. It is for Max and models where you plug the cable into OBCII and open the driver's door, press start button, close the door, turn on the ignition, etc. Etc. There is usually a setting to follow. Asks the computer to communicate with the caring ... For the most sophisticated cars, you can only order factory caring or, worse, change all the keys and computers to the new configuration because They are programmed once. For you, Auto, which seems more common, is probably an important programming setting ... Find the program in your remote and similar places to find BE sequences, buy alternatives. I give you a 99% chance of success if you keep looking for the right sequel ... If you say you have a new Bugatti (3 million) or a new Lamborghini (x million), I wouldn't say, But I have always been successful with the standard cars!

In your car, cycle 4 times to lock the door, seat belt on, and put the computer in programming mode.

The second year's car is:


Put your key in the ignition. Keep it in position. We are not in January.

Press the unlock and LD button on your casing. After turning on the power, press the panic button for four seconds within six seconds.

Listen to a beep and let go of both. Bozr indicates that you have successfully switched to tr programming mode. If you need to program an additional remote, do so within 60 seconds of the doorbell ringing.

Additional remote control programming

Grab the extra remote and press the lock and unlock button at the same time. You will hear another unique sound.

Press and release the remote control release button. One beep

If necessary, repeat the first two steps for the other six remotes.

Turn off the ignition to exit programming mode. All your caravans are working as usual.


DELE reads an ad for the year:

Sit in the car and turn the ignition key to the run position. (Seat belt to stop sound)

Press the unlock button on the remote for five seconds, then hold down the panic button simultaneously for one second. Leave both at the same time and wait for the car to touch. This will reset the frequency of the remote and take you to programming mode.

Within 30 seconds, hold down any button on the remote until the car bell rings. This will reset the remote to the new car frequency and it should work. Return the ignition switch to the off position to save the new frequency.


Other METDs are listed:

1) Turn off the ignition.

2) Locate the data link connector, the 16 pin connector under the driver's side panel, where your right knee is. You have to look at the frame below to see it.

3) Ground the pin 1 of the data link connector by running the cable or paper clip from pin 1 to pin 4. Pin 4 is grounded so you can connect pin 1 to 4 and it will be grounded. Ground Pin 1 notifies the system that it is ready to reprogram.

4) Close all the doors.

5) Turn the ACC key and turn it off. Lock / unlock the electric door. This is a sign that the system is ready to reprogram.

6) Press one on your key chain, whatever it is.

7) If you have 2 remotes then press a on the first remote then press a on the second remote within 1 minute both should be programmed simultaneously. If you have only one keyring, press twice to make it appear that you have only one.

8) Lock / unlock the port that comes with the signal code.

9) Remove the data port jumper. 10) It's over.


Just find it or contact your dealer to find out which one is right, or try them all!

As an adventurer, I want to buy FOB, try Metds, sing with the easiest and program myself ...

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Can You Reprogram A Key Fob