Can You Microwave Fish Sticks

Can You Microwave Fish Sticks

Why is it not recommended to cook fish fingers in the microwave? ۔

I wanted to microwave the fish fingers (in the bedroom), but the back of the box with the cooking instructions said that the microwave is not recommended, and I wonder if any of you know That's why.

They become pasty and pale ... not as old as the oven.

If you microwave them, they will cook faster, but they will be softer and softer. It is better to bake in the oven. The fish tastes better and the bread crumbs are old.

I always microwave my fish fingers! You get wet outside, but I don't care! MDR

Flour / bread cubes become pastes and are not evenly heated.

Care must be taken when attacking fish as it spoils easily but can still be eaten.

They need to be lifted as a set because they will break when heated in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Fish Sticks