Can You Join The Navy With A Ged

Can You Join The Navy With A Ged

Can you join the Navy Cell with GED?

Yes you can The instructors are only looking at you for that reason ... well, they are still looking at you, if you lean too far they will not be able to see you.

You will be eligible for BUD / S based on your MOS, aptitude test and physical rating. You may not become an officer with just one GED, but I think girls get a little deeper anyway.

Well, I walk every day, I think that's the hardest part.

The Navy will not accept anyone with just one GED. All GEDs (and most students) also need 15,100 levels of credit. And even if you get all 15,100 college credits, SO is covered for you. Therefore, applicants must have a formal school holiday certificate. (Diploma).

That you can do it for all reasons> If you can't drive at a high level and end the engagement, even if you can, do you want to hope to beat BUD / s? !

GED is considered a very good reason to work: The majority of GED students will not complete the first stage of their application. As a result, 72% of GED students never complete the first quarter, so yes, there are no positive reviews.

The Navy accepts very few GED officers and their employment contracts will be more limited. In fact, you may not be eligible for Special War.

And for those who say that GED is not an element: wrong. GED students must score 50 instead of 35 in ASVAB to be eligible for admission, excluding one given class. GSED students who pass ASVAB are not eligible, so GED is a major hurdle when it comes to getting grades.

Can You Join The Navy With A Ged

Can You Join The Navy With A Ged

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like my husband was nominated for a Navy SEAL at least 20 years ago, he just had a GED ... I don't know if anything has changed since then Or not.

GED has nothing to do with the job you get in the army. The score you are looking at is the ASVAB score. GED will not affect your military career in any way, even if you apply for a commission. Basically, what happens today is that you take your ASVAB and qualify for the job based on your score. You get a cell guarantee as a job or your basic training, whatever you want. At any point in your military career, you can train cells or special forces.

This was because of the high demands of the job itself, the country's special forces were always removed and anyone who could complete the training was kept.

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Can You Join The Navy With A Ged

Can You Join The Navy With A Ged

Contact your local Navy Recruiting Office.


And if you can't hack in high school, I would even advise you not to think about it. postage stamp


Can You Join The Navy With A Ged