Can You Join The Military With Scoliosis

Can You Join The Military With Scoliosis

Can you join the military if you have had spinal surgery for scoliosis? 3

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AR 40501

Episode 2

Physical rules for meetings, appointments and corporations

229. Spinal and sacroiliac

A. Current or past active spondylitis or other inflammatory spondylopathy (720) is incompetent. (See paragraph 211a.)

B. Not limited to any current or historical condition, including spinal or sacroiliac joints, with or without objective evidence:

(1) Prevention of successful exercise in a physically active profession in urban life (724) or disability that is associated with local or moving pain in the limbs, muscle pain, compromised posture, or limited mobility ۔

(2) The need for external support is a disability.

(3) Requires limited physical activity or exercise, which often becomes ineligible.

Vs. The deviation or rotation of the current column (737) is disqualified from its general orientation, structure, or function if:

(1) Prevent physically active contact in urban life.

(2) Interference in the proper use of military uniforms or equipment.

(3) It is a symbol.

(4) Lumbar scoliosis greater than 20 degrees, tracheal scoliosis greater than 30 degrees or psis, and lordosis greater than 55 degrees, as measured by Cobb Metd.

D. The lead count (756.15), which includes more than two corner points, is disqualified. Any spinal surgery (P81.0) is ineligible.

ME Disables current or previous fracture or vertebral degeneration (805). Compression fracture involving less than 25% of the spine if the injury occurred more than a year after the examination and the applicant is asymptomatic. If the applicant is asymptomatic, the date of the transverse or spinal process fracture is not ruled out.

Not surgery itself, but surgery helped a lot to solve the problem. Scoliosis is a spinal cord rotation. And it's calibrated in degrees. Therefore, if your sclerosis does not improve significantly after surgery, you will not be able to join the military. In military service, you have to stand or stand for long periods of time. In fact, if you know that this is not the right currency for Y. Then if you have problems in this area, they will go away quickly. I have no idea what MEPS requirements are.

I definitely have a son who has comparison issues. I definitely have a 29 degree curve in my back with a broken window. So if I think it's right, you can try to get an exemption, although the chances of rewards are very low because you are on DC and you have severe sclerosis (more than 25 degrees beneficial). Now you only have one decision, Officer Orientation School, this is a six week post college address with at least a bachelor's degree. This is the line I remembered when I joined the Marine Corps. I ask you to do better !!!

As far as I know, you can't research some questions on this topic and some will tell you what is allowed in scoliosis.

Can You Join The Military With Scoliosis