Can You Join The Military If You Have Adhd

Can You Join The Military If You Have Adhd

Can you join the military with ADHD?

I just wanted to say that Les's * interesting * view of the military is wrong, and has been that way for almost 30 years. Given the poor economy and the number of well-educated shopkeepers, all teams are as happy as ever that each team is currently enjoying.

In answer to your question, keep the adductor down for a year (doctors are fine!) And voila. ADHD almost never goes away. They will also review your academic performance, and if this affects your performance or behavior at school, you can assume that your time in the job office was very short (and not very good!).

You know this is an interesting question. I have never seen anyone with ADHD talking in the military. I want to like depression and things, as long as it's controlled by drugs, okay.

Difficulties can arise with deployment because the military wants to make sure you have enough medicine for a full deployment or that your ship / station carries the necessary medicine.

I think the only person we can answer is the MEPS doctor. If you are a Navy / Navy boy with high authority, this is what EDKL looks like. I don't think even the recruiters know which way the army is going in this file. I guess they'll let you in or they'll get over the drugs.

I have to warn you that the army does not have to follow the ADA. In the sense that the army tests people and such l. Provides maximum time, but if your ADHD is interfering with your ability to work, the military is the only way to get you for medical reasons. I just have to think about it!

Edit: Look, you shouldn't ask this question here! This is a question for the doctor to decide!

Can You Join The Military If You Have Adhd

Can You Join The Military If You Have Adhd

My husband has ADHD and joined the Marine Corps and had to stop taking medication for a year. Some say maybe 6 months. Absolutely, one year

Now he pretended not to take medicine for 2 years.

I had ADHD from the first year. I am in high school now and have not taken my ADHD medication and have not needed it for 3 years. Could this affect my ability to join the army?

You do not need to take any medicine for one year for registration.

ADHD disqualifies you from military service. If you register, don't tell them again and they will track you ... you will be released for fake registration, which is one of them.

You may forget that this question needs to be asked and there is no answer. It would be selfish.

Our troops are present to carry out their work in a stressful and demanding environment. The last thing they need is the added burden of living with someone who can't control their behavior. ADHD, Polar, it's not my fault, I have a problem, blah, blah, blah.

When you can take the next breath, whether you can exhale or not, it will be accepted. They want to get all the warmth, they pamper you in the trunks and make sure you reach your final destination.

Can You Join The Military If You Have Adhd