Can You Get Bottom Braces Only

Can You Get Bottom Braces Only

Can you take it on the lower teeth? ۔

Our dentist said that my son's teeth look good there, but there is a crowd there, which will help. So can I keep it as a background? Would it be too cheap?

Relying on an orthodontist, I doubt a good orthodontist would do that, especially for a child. It is growing, so just fixing the lower mihrab will mean that the upper mihrab will also need some work. There may be differences in the jaw that you may not be aware of and require an upper and lower EC. It can save you money, but I recommend that you work up and down at the same time. You can wear your socks if she is over 17, but when she is younger she will have a few more years to grow and her teeth will keep changing. Especially if you don't have a permanent tooth yet. I would recommend seeing an orthodontist for advice, they are usually very cheap or even free. See what they say. You are an expert. I will help you if you straighten your teeth. I now!

Yes, you can only take it in depth. It will probably be half full. But it depends if you do not need anything else. And if you want them to be clear or organized. It is best to ask the dentist what is best for your child. good luck.

You can get them anywhere or in one or two gears if you want, but I don't know. I think full mouth is a flat fee, but if you don't open your mouth it can stick to your teeth and you may even have to deal with putting your teeth in your mouth.

It depends. If your shirt isn't right, suppose the top gear is down, then you'll need the top as well. Ask your dentist which 1 or 3 total you have.

If I were you I would save you to walk up and down.

You can only get it in the lower teeth.

It costs 3,000, so it's only $ 1,500.

If possible. But it depends on many different factors. See a dentist for your child to discuss your options.

Can You Get Bottom Braces Only