Can You Drink Apple Juice With Braces

Can You Drink Apple Juice With Braces

Does apple juice agree with that? 3

I drink as usual.

Yes, as long as you brush when you're done.

Apple juice is usually high in sugar.

Yes of course. I'm not lying, I drank it all with my luggage, I've been sick of drinking it for 3 years

Yeah sure! Of course you can drink apple juice! I have this and I drink all kinds of juices.

As long as you brush your teeth, you'll be fine. :)

Edit: I'm looking for! Answered and got a list of things you shouldn't eat with it. I thought it might help. Looks like you're new to it. (I don't know) But come on!

* Chewy food: beans, buns, licorice

* Crispy food: popcorn, ice cream, potato chips

* Food Sticks: Candy, Chewing Gum

* Hard foods: nuts, sweets

* Food to eat: Cabbage, apples, carrots on corn

I suggest you cut all the fruit. Except it's as sweet as a pear. (But it will get into it soon.)

Until! Soda will break down the glue with this material, so it's best to stay away from it.

It is good. Metal is good for health.

Yes he thought. This is really funny.

Can You Drink Apple Juice With Braces