Can You Castle Out Of Check

Can You Castle Out Of Check

Can you finish without a checkmate?

When the king is in Czech, your opponent is not allowed to enter the castle. Here is an excerpt from the rules of the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

3.8b (2) a

Casting is temporarily disabled:

If the piece where the king is or the piece he has to pass through or the piece he has to occupy consists of one or more of the opponent's infantry,

In fact, you can never reach the castle without a checkmate or a checkmate. If you score and the only legitimate move is castle, you will win. Next time, contact the tournament director.

You can only throw uncontrollably if there is a clear space between the king's line and the king's end. That is, the opposing player can take the king if the king is in a box. For example, if you have a line of sight up to the square between the rival king and the root, it cannot be used as an appetite.

Can You Castle Out Of Check