Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow

Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow

I have surgery tomorrow, I can't sleep, will it interfere with the operation or anesthesia? 3

Tomorrow I will have 3 ■■■■■ surgeries: orthognathic surgery (where the upper jaw is straight), oblique septal surgery (this is for the nasal wall) and wisdom tooth extraction. I can't sleep, does it affect surgery or anesthesia? Thank you very much


I'm definitely going to sleep after that, but will it have anesthesia or something else?

Hey everyone thanks

No, you will really sleep a lot during the operation.

Relax first! People have general surgery every day and they are doing it very well. I was nervous for the first time, but I felt happy that I had a blockage in my spine. They provide a way to calm your nerves, even if you go to the operating room. It will drive you a little crazy and you will forget the fear of things. Think of the joy and laughter! In the operating room, they will wear oxygen masks and ask you to count or ask random questions. (I have both) The next thing you know is that you wake up in the recovery room and the nurses sing to you and it feels weird to waste time. There is no one! I think the worst thing is that I had a slight sore throat from the breathing tube. But hey ... it just means you can eat some more ice cream without feeling guilty! My best advice is to stay close to the nurse when she asks about your pain level. I tried to keep the post-operation as low as possible because I'm not a fan of self-control, but I soon realized that whatever they give for pain is great and experience It's fun. Recovery: o)

I had only one of these surgeries (tooth extraction) and I could not sleep for long. The only thing I noticed was that it was easier to fall asleep while using anesthesia.

Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow

Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow

do not worry

You may be given medication to calm and relax before surgery.

Then you will be crushed

Well, with your operation everything will be fine =]


No, I always wake up late during surgery, and I don't care about the effect of surgery.

Surprisingly, I'm glad it's not you. Oh, if you're afraid it works, don't do it. The doctor will confirm that you are in Zone B4 at dusk. So forget it

Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow

Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow

You're fine, you won't be able to sleep because you will be nervous tomorrow. I am fine

No, you will sink faster. Don't worry, everything will be fine ...

Oh, I don't know, but it must be an operation!

Can T Sleep Surgery Tomorrow