Can My Old Retainer Re Straighten My Teeth

Can My Old Retainer Re Straighten My Teeth

Will the keeper straighten my teeth? 3

I used it for more than a year, but took it off for more than 4 years. Since then, I have assumed that I am using two brackets (up and down) for ht. But 10 months ago I stopped using it because I thought I might not need it in my life and since my teeth are less and less, everything will be fine. I have recently noticed that my lower teeth are slightly bent and the retainers do not fit properly.

Will they straighten my teeth if I use them? I don't have good dental insurance so I can't afford a dentist.

Maintainers can help fix teeth. However, if your teeth move too much, it may be too late for the dentist to put them back in place. I know you claim you don't have good dental insurance, but check with your dentist to see if follow-up visits can be covered for what you have paid. Is. It may be much cheaper to fix it now than it was a few years ago. Unfortunately, the teeth keep moving. Try the tour first. Your mouth will probably feel a little softer because your teeth are constantly moving. If you continue to use the retainer, your teeth will keep moving. All orthodontists should give the EC user a clear indication of the importance of containment after the EC is removed. I'm sure it's not too late and the retainer is still being adjusted to fix the teeth.

I did the same, stopped using my top shield immediately after retiring from CES. Failure You may try to use retainer, your teeth may not move much. Of course, a little too much can be. I have a lot of problems. My retainer was never properly placed after I had my upper tooth extracted.

Can My Old Retainer Re Straighten My Teeth

Can My Old Retainer Re Straighten My Teeth

Just 10 months ... If they work, lifting them up might be painful. It's slow, maybe every two hours, and you'll notice a difference in a few months. And don't do that LOL. I went once for 6 months and when I put them on they hurt me. Use it at least once a week to avoid drastic changes.

You will never stop using it.

But try it and see what happens.

See a dentist if it is still attached.

You do not need a retainer to keep your teeth straight.

I go to the dentist again and see what he has to say.

No ... the same thing happened to me and only my followers got confused ... I know.

You can rely on very little R.

Can My Old Retainer Re Straighten My Teeth