Can I jump the car as a last resort to save my life? How to jump?

The recent incident of the appalling passenger killing of Didi Shunfeng has made people feel lingering, and many self-help guides have been published online. However, when all kinds of alarms are too late to end the crisis, some people ask whether they can jump out of the car to help themselves?

Blindly jumping is very dangerous

First of all, to declare that jumping a car is actually a very dangerous thing. Although you see the agent in the movie jumping like a rope skipping, jumping in a real situation might be worse than not jumping. So even if there is an accident, don’t choose to jump off the car as a last resort.

Many people have suffered because of jumping off the car. According to media reports, a few years ago, a tourist in Hangzhou jumped from the West Lake sightseeing car with a speed of 15km/h and hit the back of his head with his head. The diagnosis result is bilateral head contusion and laceration, intracranial hemorrhage, and craniotomy. The speed of 15km/h can cause such serious consequences. It can be imagined how dangerous it is to jump from a car at a normal speed. Never choose to jump off the car blindly.

Under what circumstances can you jump

Not only is it not recommended to skip the car in general, even if the brakes are out of control, it is not a good choice to skip the car, usually trying to reduce the speed of the car, such as downshifting, looking for friction, using handbrake, etc.

So, under what circumstances can the car jump?

First of all, the speed of the car cannot be too fast. Jumping off the car when the speed is too fast is tantamount to death. As for the appropriate speed, there is no such systematic experiment. Military troops have jump-jumping related training. According to the expert’s point of view of police action and tactics research, the speed of jump-jump should be reduced below 40km/has much as possible.

Secondly, the situation is very dangerous. For example, when driving, you will bump into dangerous obstacles that are explosive, highly toxic, or corrosive, or you will crash into a gas cylinder stack, or there is a sea of ​​fire ahead. Or maybe you get in a bad guy’s car and face life threats at any time, etc. In this extremely dangerous situation, jumping a car is the last resort.

Can I jump the car as a last resort to save my life

Correct posture

If you really encounter a situation where you want to jump, how should you jump? There is also a lot of knowledge about how to jump cars. After all, even the best special forces must be trained to jump, not to mention ordinary people.

Correct posture

1. Reduce speed as much as possible

Lower the speed and less risk. Therefore, we should slow down the speed as much as possible before jumping, and apply the brake to reduce the speed as much as possible. Do not pull the hand brake, because the car may slip because of this. If other people drive, you should distract the driver’s attention and let He slowed down, then acted when he least expected it.

2. Pre-jump protection

Before jumping, you need to take some simple protective measures, such as using some scraps or old newspapers to make protective pads for your elbows, hips, and knees. They will protect you when you fall heavily on the asphalt road. effect.

3. Timing of trip

When you jump, you must grasp the timing, it is best to jump out from the right door, this timing is really important. In addition to being injured during a jump, it is possible that you jumped outside the car and were hit by other cars or hit the road.

4. Jumping posture

This is also the most critical step. When leaving the car, keep the position as low and straight as possible to allow the impact to be dispersed throughout the body. Everyone’s first reaction is to touch the ground first with their hands or legs. This is a big mistake. You will get hurt by doing so. Sharp parts of the body are most likely to be injured, such as elbows and knees. Place your fist under your chin and bring your elbows together, tighten your chin to protect your head. The best places to land on the ground are the back shoulders and back. It will hurt if you fall directly on the shoulders.

5. Take a leap

If the car door is locked, try to open the door from the outside after breaking the window glass, or jump out of the car window. When jumping, turn your back to the direction you want to jump, because jumping backward will offset part of the speed of the car. If you jump forward, it will be acceleration, and the injury will only be more serious and not cost-effective. After landing, the longer the rolling time and the larger the area, the better, so that the energy can be dispersed.