Can dogs eat banana peels?

Can dogs eat banana peels? A person should be cautious about giving the dog banana peels in its diet as they aren’t poisonous but hard to digest for a dog. Banana peels have a hard structure which interferes with the normal working of digestive system and blocks the process. This in turn, leads to severe health disorders for a dog.

Can dogs eat banana peels?

Banana peels aren’t suitable for a dog as they have a hard framework which is difficult for a dog to digest.

If banana peels are eaten by a dog, it blocks the normal digestive process inside its body which leads to gastro intestinal infections in a dog’s body.

The most common symptoms which show that the dog is suffering from an infection of the gastro intestinal tract are:

  • Frequent vomiting after the dog has just eaten banana peels or even after hours of intake.

  • Diarrhea, it is a common disorder which is most likely to occur after a dog consumes peels of a banana.

    Diarrhea is followed by loose bowl motions and the dog often feels extremely lethargic before and after diarrhea is diagnosed.

  • The dog feels lack of appetite. It would start resisting to eat the food which shows that the dog is suffering from some digestive problems.

  • The dog would become weaker than it was before the infection.

  • You might feel that your dog is suffering from some sort of abdominal pain which is a symptom of gastro intestinal health disorder.

  • The dog would start to lie in positions which might seem unusual. The dog would have never slept or lied in these positions earlier.

Veterinarians often encourage the owners to bring their dogs to their clinics so that they could diagnose the illness.

Sometimes, veterinarians ask the owners not to come to their clinics and guide them properly through phone calls encouraging them to stay at homes.

This is due to the reason that their dog has become so weak or unhealthy that it is not in a condition to travel to the veterinarian’s clinic.

So, veterinarian advises the owner to listen all the guidelines which he tells the owner on phone and asks him to adopt the necessary measures.


Banana peels aren’t healthier for a dog as they are very hard to be digested and interfere in the normal digestive process of a dog. This interference leads to severe disorders of the gastrointestinal tract which often becomes severe and is difficult to treat.

What misconceptions often arise about the consumption of banana peels?

Some pet owners claim that their dogs don’t have a routine and that they consume the peels of a banana on irregular basis.

Veterinarians’ advice not to give peels to your dog’s due to the following mentioned reasons:

  1. It is not necessary that a dog which has eaten peels of a banana remained healthy and so is your dog going to be. All living creatures have their own body systems.

    If a dog remains healthy even after consuming peels of a banana that doesn’t mean it fits for your dog as well. So, don’t give banana peels to your dog just after hearing that someone else’s dog remained healthy after eating banana peels.

    Banana peels are difficult to digest and cause health disorders in dogs.

  2. Most of the time it happens that dogs which are bigger in size often digest the banana peels and remain healthier.

    When you do the same for your own dog which is not bigger as the earlier, the size can have a direct impact and your dog may become weaker and unhealthier due to the peels which he took.

    It can suffer from gastro intestinal problems severely.

  3. Sometimes, it happens that someone leaves his/her dog at your residence and asks for a good care of it till the time he or she takes the dog back. In this condition, you aren’t sure enough which food to be given to the dog.

    If you do like give a whole banana to a dog and don’t cut it into slices like the way it was given the feed by its actual owner, the change in shape and way of feed can actually make a dog difficult to digest the banana or peels of it.

    This can in turn, lead to severe disorders of the gastro intestinal tract.

    So, it is advised in these kind of situations try to give the dog only those foods which are known to be good for the dog and which don’t have any harmful effects on it.

Most important is that dogs do get their nutrition from other foods which are recommended by their veterinarians. So, there is no need to feed banana or banana peels to a dog which are known as unhealthier for the animal.

Are bananas healthier for a dog?

Nutritious composition in a banana:

Vitamin B6 Promotes good heart working and maintains a dog’s potassium-sodium level.
Potassium 20 mg of potassium each day is essential for a dog’s muscles and bone development.
Fiber Helps in the normal digestive process of a dog.
Vitamin C Being an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation.

Bananas are a great source of numerous vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and excessive amounts of potassium.

People who have their pets are advised by their veterinarians to feed the pets with bananas as an alternative to other foods which are much salty and contain high fats.

Bananas provide an advantage that they contain a high proportion of fibers in them which helps the dog in treating the gastrointestinal infections or other related problems.

The fibers present in a banana also help a dog in marinating its digestive system so that it could function properly. Bananas also contain a high proportion of magnesium in them.

Magnesium helps in the good development of bones inside a dog and helps in more production of proteins and vitamins inside the body.

While feeding a dog with bananas it is essential to keep in mind that dogs need to be fed with bananas in limited amounts, the excessive intake of bananas by a dog can actually prove to be harmful for the animal due to the high composition of sugar present in a banana.

Do banana peels cause serious harm to a dog?

Although banana peels aren’t harmful for dogs but they should be given with caution to the dogs as they are not easier to digest and may result in digestive problems such as a blockage in the stomach.

Also, if a dog is not given peels but bananas only, it can even then be harmful for the dog if given in larger amounts as it blocks the working of stomach and may result in severe gastro intestinal problems.

Queries regarding the feed of a dog or how much bananas are enough to be given to a dog in its daily diet can be asked from veterinarians as they have enough knowledge about the diets of animals and may come up with more better recommendations.

How can banana be fed to a dog?

It is good for a dog to take a single banana per day as it doesn’t harm the animal and proves to be effective for its body functions.

Although bananas can be given as a whole or by breaking them down into tinier pieces when feeding a dog, but there are some more good ways through which the owner can actually feed bananas to his dog.

These ways are described below:

  • A person can actually mash the bananas and make a combination of bananas with some other foods which are to be given to the dog.

    This would come like a mixture of foods and the dog would enjoy eating bananas along with other foods.

  • There is a type of butter known as peanut-butter. This butter is safe for the dogs if given in necessary amounts.

    People could actually mix the bananas in peanut-butter which is to be taken in smaller amounts, and this combination could be fed to the dogs.

  • Stuff the bananas which are to be given to the dogs in Kong, and then put them in a freezer.

  • The simpler method through which we could slice bananas and feed the dog is that firstly, a person should freeze the banana.

    Then, the banana should be taken out of freezer, peeled and sliced before given to a dog.

How could a person make banana treat by him?

People can actually make the banana feed for their dogs more tasty and enjoyable by decorating it or combining bananas with some other foods, hence making a mixture of bananas.

This can be done by following steps such as mentioned below:

What does a person need to make a banana treat for his dog?

  • Firstly, a banana should be taken which is peeled.

  • Then, take a little quantity about a scoop of peanut-butter.

    It is essential to take butter in low quantity and check that the butter should contain xylitol in it, otherwise doesn’t use the butter. Large quantities of peanut-butter and xylitol in it can prove to be much harmful for the dog.

  • Then, take about a slice of cheese. Don’t take cheese in larger amounts.

  • Use a blender

  • Finally, take a toy in which the mixture could be filled such as a Kong. Fill the banana mixture in Kong and give the feed to your dog.

How to process the ingredients for making a banana treat?

Following instructions should be followed in order to make a healthier, delicious and tasty banana feed for your dog:

  1. First of all, mix bananas along with peanut butter and cheese inside a blender and then on the blender until the mixture becomes consistent.

  2. Take the mixture out of the blender.

  3. Start filling the mixture in a toy which is Kong here.

  4. The filled Kong should be kept in freezer.

  5. When the mixture cools, take it out of the freezer and give it to your dog.

Which symptoms show that banana peels aren’t digested by the dog properly?

Although a small intake of bananas isn’t actually harmful for a dog, rather is good for its health, but if bananas are taken in larger amounts they can prove to be harmful for the dogs.

Also, if bananas aren’t peeled for the dog, before it could eat them, the peels can interfere with the normal digestion of a dog and may create a problem inside the stomach.

To see for the symptoms a dog has after it has eaten bananas in large amounts than required or has eaten an unpeeled banana, it is most likely that the dog would start vomiting after few hours of its feed.

Bananas don’t actually give the long-lasting effects to a dog but should be taken with caution.

A simpler way is that, peel the bananas before giving them to dogs or keep the peels far from the dogs so that they can’t eat them and could stay safe.

What should be done if the dog has eaten banana peels in high amounts?

Dogs are the living creatures which aren’t as much sensible as humans. They would just eat-up what comes before them irrespective of the fact whether the food is healthier or not.

Although peels of a banana aren’t harmful for a dog and hence there isn’t any need to get extra worried if a dog has eaten them.

But, the owner needs to get his dog checked up by the veterinarian at the earliest as peels disturb the working of a digestive system of dog.

To keep a dog safe from the digestive problems, it is recommended to take suggestions from the veterinarian so that timely treatment could be carried out.

A dog which accidentally eats banana peels for a long period of time needs to checked by its veterinarian as peels aren’t good for its stomach and may result in gastro intestinal disorders.

To stay away from these kind of complications it is essential to visit the veterinarian at the earliest so that later problems could be avoided.

If a dog has eaten banana peels there is a likelihood that it may suffer from disorders such as diarrhea.

To know whether a dog is suffering from such sorts of illness, its owner will see the dog feels to be more tired and vomits after specific intervals of time.

These symptoms show that the dog is not healthy and that it needs to be checked at the earliest.

**In a condition where the veterinarian isn’t available for the immediate examination of a dog, there are some simpler steps which can be carried out by a person to help his dog. **

These steps are given below:

  • Never try to treat the dog by using antacids. Antacids aren’t good for a dog’s health and may even make the illness more severe.

    A person may dial the helpline which is provided in the respective area to get suggestions for the immediate treatment.

    If in case, there isn’t any helpline available, it is advised to check the dog at the nearby emergency clinic.

  • Make sure the dog doesn’t eat or drink anything for about 12 to 16 hours after getting known about the illness.

    Feeding the dog may get the illness more severe as the stomach isn’t in a position to process the food.

  • After 12 hours have been passed, check whether the dog’s digestive system is better or not.

    This can be done by giving the dog some water to see if it is digested properly or not.

    In case, if the dog vomits leave and don’t feed anything.

    But, if the water has been digested properly and the dog doesn’t vomit out, it shows that the digestive system is better now.

    A person should now give white rice with some boiled chicken to the dog and give this feed almost six times in a day.

  • If the dog doesn’t vomit out the food after it has taken a long rest of about 12 hours it means it is feeling better and should be checked to a veterinarian at the earliest possible time.

Do dogs like to eat rotten peels of a banana?

Veterinarians advise not to feed the dogs with banana peel sin larger amounts as consuming banana feels aren’t much good for a dog.

Even the peels which are fresh aren’t much encouraged to be given to a dog, consuming rotten banana peels is a big hazardous thing.

It is because the banana peels interfere with the normal digestive process inside a dog and consumption of rotten peels can actually harm the entire process of digestion with severe illness.

Banana peels actually contain potassium in high amounts. Potassium has a disadvantage that it interferes with the normal process of digestion and blocks the process.

Banana peels which are rotten actually contain much higher amounts of potassium in them. This proportion of potassium in rotten banana peels is higher than is contained in fresh banana peels.

The increased level of potassium inside rotten peels of a banana more rapidly interferes in the working of digestive system and harms the process making the digestion difficult.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to feed dogs with rotten peels of a banana otherwise, the animal would suffer from severe disorders.

When dogs aren’t cared properly and left to roam here and there without a check on them, we see that dogs mostly eat things from a trash or dump.

Whenever a dog passes from a site where there is trash or any dump, it searched for the food there.

The dog doesn’t have any sense to select the right food which is good for the health. Therefore, it just starts eating whatever comes before him.

People often find dogs eating peels of banana which are rotten on the sides of a road or in a trash. This needs to be checked. A person should keep a check on his dog to see that it eats the right food.

Because of the reason that banana peels can’t be digested properly by a dog so there is no need of any stance on feeding the dog on such peels.

Markets provide a number of food items which are according to the needs and likes of a dog. A person should select the right food for his dog which is nutritious and liked by the dog at the same time.

What immediate step should be taken if a dog suffers from the consequences of eating banana peels?

Dogs are blessed with a dual nature that they have a sensitive system of digestion but despite of this they would eat almost all the things.

Dogs like to eat bananas because of the sweet taste of this fruit despite its gluttonous nature and high starch presence.

Although bananas are safe for a dog to consume but this doesn’t fit for their peels.

When dogs consume peels of a banana there is a higher risk that they might face problems in digestion and dysfunction of the stomach in the next few hours of their peels intake.

If you see that your dog is eating or has just eaten a banana peel, it is advised that you must make an immediate contact with your veterinarian as peels of a banana may start reacting with the digestive system of a dog just after a short interval of time.

So, immediate contact with veterinarian can actually safe your dog from serious health disorders.

If your dog has just eaten banana peels that could in turn, harm the animal.

Banana peels aren’t friendly for the digestion as they can result in a number of disorders.

These disorders include obstruction of the digestive system or gastrointestinal obstruction, gastro intestinal tract infections, pancreatitis, and other related disorders of the digestive system which could even be a cause of death for the dog.

So, timely check-up and treatment is essential as it could save the dog from severe health disorders or even death.

Banana peels are hazardous as they affect the young dogs and puppies more as compared to the big dogs.

But this doesn’t mean at all that dogs which are bigger would remain safe after eating peels of a banana.

The ill-effects of a banana affect both the young and big dogs but there is a likelihood that younger dogs are more severely affected as compared to the big ones.

If it happens that your dog starts to vomit or seems to feel lethargic just after the time it has eaten banana peels, it shows that the peels have reacted with the digestion of a dog and that the dog needs an immediate examination or otherwise the situation could get severe.

Banana peels have an unpredictable nature in a way that they could sometimes be not harmful and the dog remains healthy after eating peels of a banana.

The other times, even after consuming half a peel of banana may result in severe health disorders which need an immediate treatment.

There are some clinic which remain open for 24 hours, so it is advised not to wait for your own veterinarian in case of his/her absence.

A person must get his dog examined from such emergency health clinic of animals so that timely treatment could be provided and risks of severe problems could be treated.

If a person can’t afford the fee of check-up for his dog, it is advised to go for health shelters which provide a minimum value of treatment by reducing the costs.

Given below are some fruits which should be given or not depending upon a dog’s health. The fruits which should be given to a dog can be used instead of peels of a banana which are not healthier to eat.

Apples Dogs should be given apples to eat.
Bananas Dog should be given bananas in moderation.
Avocado Dogs shouldn’t be given avocado to eat.
Cherries Dogs shouldn’t be given cherries to eat.
Cantaloupe Cantaloupes are good and safe for a dog to eat.
Blueberries Dogs should be given blueberries to eat.
Oranges Dogs should be given oranges to eat.
Grape Dogs should never be given grapes to eat as they are a citrus fruit.
Pears Dogs should be given pears to eat.
Peaches Dogs should be given peaches to eat as they aren’t harmful for them.
Oranges Dogs should be given oranges to eat.
Mango Dogs should be given mangoes to eat.
Raspberries Dogs like to eat raspberries and should be given.
Strawberries Dogs like to eat strawberries and should be given.
Pineapple Pineapple is safe to be given to a dog in its diet.
Watermelon Dogs should be given watermelon to eat.
Tomatoes Dogs shouldn’t be given tomatoes in meal.


Bananas are actually not harmful for a dog if given in reasonable amounts but their peels shouldn’t be given to a dog as they disturb the working of a digestive system of dog. Immediate treatment should be carried out if a dog has just eaten banana peels and is suffering from the consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

People ask a number of questions regarding the consumption of banana peels by dogs. Some of these commonly asked questions and their answers are given below:

1. Can peels of a banana hurt your dog?

It is true that banana peels are not actually harmful for a dog if taken in good amount but they are very hard to be digested by a dog’s stomach as they contain a high concentration of fibers in them.

Along with the risk of vomiting, banana peels are a much higher risk of causing the gastro intestinal tract infections for your dog.

2. Which of the fruits is not good for a dog’s health?

Cherries aren’t good for a dog’s health as they are a cause of harm to their digestive system. Grapes as well as raisins also prove not be good for dogs as they damage their kidneys.

Fruits which are citrus in nature such as lemons, grapefruit and limes also disturb the digestive working of dogs.

3. Are peels of a banana suitable to eat for humans?

Banana peels constitute 35% of the ripe banana fruit but are often discarded by people and not eaten.

In fact, banana peels are not only suitable to be eaten but they also contain high amounts of nutrients in them such as:

  • Dietary fiber

  • Essential amino acids

  • Potassium

  • Polyunsaturated fats

4. Can peanut butter be given to dogs with bananas?

Yes, but it is essential to make sure that small amount of this butter is given along with bananas to the dogs. Excess amounts of peanut butter can actually harm the dogs.

5. Is peanut- butter healthier for a dog?

Yes, peanut-butter is actually healthier for a dog if given in small amounts.

If taken in moderate amounts, peanut butter is an excellent source of:

  • Vitamin B

  • Vitamin E

  • Fats which are healthier for a dog

  • Proteins

  • Niacin

6. Do dogs like to eat cheese?

Yes, dogs like to eat cheese. In fact, people use cheese as a reward for training their dogs and puppies. As every animal doesn’t have the same choice, same goes for the dogs.

There are some dogs which like to eat cheese while it isn’t much like by some breeds of dogs.

Dogs which like to eat cheese should be given cheese in moderate amounts otherwise just like peanut-butter and banana peels cheese can be actually harmful for them if given in larger amounts.

7. Are eggs suitable to be given to a dog?

Yes, eggs are suitable to be given to a dog as they contain high amounts of nutritious elements in them.

Eggs contain higher quantities of fatty acids, vitamins and proteins in them which help a dog in its normal body activities by providing a large amount of nutrition.

Eggs are equally important as chicken for a dog because they are actually obtained from a hen.

8. Which of the vegetables should be given to a dog?

Given below are some vegetables which should be given to a dog:

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Green beans

  • Peas

  • Carrots

The above mentioned vegetables contain higher amounts of vitamins and potassium.

Potassium is essential for a dog as it helps to strengthen its nervous system, muscular system, and kidneys.

9. Which fruit has a poisonous peel?

Peels of honeydew and avocados aren’t healthy as they contain poison in them whether taken as cooked or in raw form.

Fruits such as melons, bananas and pineapples have their peels which are much harder and difficult for a stomach to process.

These peels disturb the normal process of digestion and therefore are encouraged not to be eaten.

10. Are peels of an orange poisonous?

Orange peels are actually not poisonous at all. People often cook or use these orange peels in their diet and other processes.

Although the peels are difficult to be processed and digested by a stomach, but these peels contain a high amount of nutrition in them which helps the body in its development and growth.


Bananas are nutritious fruits which are good for a dog’s bone and muscles development. However, it should be noted that moderate amounts of bananas should only be given to a dog.

Banana peels aren’t healthier for a dog as they block the working of its digestive system and result in serious disorders.

If a dog has mistakenly eaten banana peels and starts to suffer from the consequences, it is advised to get the dog checked at the nearest emergency clinic so that severe illness could be avoided.

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