Can Cats Eat Vienna Sausage

Can Cats Eat Vienna Sausage

Can you feed the Venetian sausage cat? 3

I have nothing else :(


Great: (((

I just found out I don't have cat food. MDR

Feeding them sausage may not be a good idea, but cats eat almost anything that contains meat.

Don't have money for cat food? If so, you may not be able to keep the animals as pets. If you don't have money for food, you definitely can't pay the doctor if something happens to you.

It is definitely not allowed to feed veneer sausages.

They contain ingredients, preservatives and spices that are not good for cats.

Do you use raw meat?

Have you prepared very simple meats (chicken, fish, beef, lamb)?

Canned fish (safe in water, not in oil)?

Avoid dairy products if you don't know.

For example, you can just go to the store and buy cat food!

All my wishes

Edit: In response to some people who think that feeding a small teaspoon of sausage sausage as a treatment can be harmless, sometimes feeding the cat the right size is definitely not right, even in a hurry. Be

I think you just got the cat, congratulations on helping the cat! If you can get all kinds of cat food for years to come and there is nothing left, then my advice is to give your cat a cup of cold water and wait for it to finish eating.

And great for helping the kitten!

LOL ... not sure if humans can eat sausage.

Seriously, you need to buy food for your cat. All the sodium and other extra ingredients in sausage will not help you ... especially if it is eaten for a long time. Digestive problems can also occur if the cat suddenly feels the urge to eat something that it is not used to. When feeding it to hot dogs, be prepared for possible diarrhea, gas, and / or possibly nausea. It can't be fun at all. My recommendation is to find a way to buy the cat food that your cat usually uses.

I agree with those who say that it is not right to feed your cat like this. Go to any store and buy cat food. It's quite cheap ... I mean, even if you have to buy a cheap Kitty ND Special at Walmart, at least it's better than feeding your cat a veneer sausage!

As long as it's not every day, when you have nothing left, it doesn't matter if you want to give it, but in moderation, so think of all the wild cats that eat all kinds of food. Are Do things right. do not worry.

everything will be alright. Do not feed them as part of your daily diet. Depending on the T. My cat loves you

Can Cats Eat Vienna Sausage

Can Cats Eat Vienna Sausage

I don't even want to eat sausage in eeew

Can Cats Eat Vienna Sausage