Can Cats Eat Granola

Can Cats Eat Granola

Is eating granola bars weird for my cat? 3

Well, I ate granola bar and mummy fox (hahaha don't ask) - like it was chewing and he kept coming back for more, then the brakes ate it. And then my dog ​​ate the rest. Hahaha, is food bad for you?


Oh yeah, and my mom's cat had a kitten 2-3 months ago and we have a baby who is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ her and is still ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ sometimes, is that normal?

My sister posted this question o.o.

And my mom has only 2 cats and her cat is in the spa now after the kitten.

Are you 12 years old It's a little annoying when you feed your cat and ask if you can feed him. No, cats should not be fed human food. So do your research and stop feeding him anything that could harm him. And ask your mom about her cat bath. The number of kittens this cat has means that more cats and kittens have been kept in your local animal shelter since I was transferred.

I left my room once during a study session and when I came back my cat was eating my prawns! In general, if pets get caught in human food, they are not lying, but it is not appropriate to feed people because it can make them sick. Restrict yourself to cats (and dogs!)

Can Cats Eat Granola