Can Cats Eat Fried Fish

Can Cats Eat Fried Fish

Can cats eat fried fish? ۔

I'm not giving them fried fish. Remember that wild cats do not eat fried food, so you should not give them anything that is not natural. The oil in the fried fish makes a small wound.

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Read the ingredients on the cat food label. Even in nature, there is a good chance that you will not find half of them.

everything will be alright. If it makes him sick, COSE no longer accepts this food. Cats are very smart.

Your cat will love to give you real fish. If you are worried about the oil, peel it.

Of course you can eat. Vitamin D is good for the skin. Ordinary fish is better. It does not contain oil when you cook.

Cats' stomachs are sensitive. They eat everything that smells good. If it's too much, they'll do it later. My cat never liked fish. Lasagna OK, not great.

Can Cats Eat Fried Fish