Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber

Can bearded dragons eat cubes and tomatoes? ?

They can eat cubes but not tomatoes. Acidic vegetables or fruits that you should not eat.

Here is a list of foods you can eat





dandelion leaves





. watermelon


"But it helps."

Can bearded dragons eat cubes?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Carrots?

Bearded dragon? Oh my god Vegetables are less of your worries! When your dragon grows a beard, you know he's serious! This meant that he had not been out of hell for a long time, as evidenced by the fact that his beard did not burn. It's probably quite compatible! The Lux Dragon won't eat you !! I would recommend allowing this dragon to eat whatever it wants and I'm glad he doesn't want to eat people!

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber