Can Application Under Review Meaning Rejected

Can Application Under Review Meaning Rejected

The application is being verified, which means rejected? 3

The decision will be made next week!

The second interview, done. Next and final interview, third pending, Ping

Sent via email for follow-up, please wait patiently as the request is still under consideration.

This can mean 2 things:

1 mill

2. Background testing

What's up now

Because I doubt I have 1 week to decide.

And a background check must be done after the offer, right?

It's usually about reviewing, not that they constantly review the app, but that they set a deadline to decide for themselves. Remember they have more work to do and it takes time. There is no need to rush into this process, so don't try to read too much.

The meaning of the word rejection

That is, you have been shortlisted among the many available candidates and now you need to refer to the second panel of nominees after being admitted / leaving the university.

Can Application Under Review Meaning Rejected