Can Ac Run Without Water

Can Ac Run Without Water

Is it safe to turn on my central air when the water is off? 3

My water was shut off due to a severe leak during use, but the weather here in Texas makes it difficult to use my central air. My sister told me not to work on it because I need water, but I'm not sure I want to believe it because I was sweating like crazy trying to cross the hill. Does anyone know if it is safe or acceptable to put my main air in running water ???? Any answers or ideas can help. There is so much to understand, so I appreciate the response of someone who knows.

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So hot water / boiler has nothing to do with air, right!?! This is good news !!! Yellow is still the same ... Thanks guys !!!

No ... lol ... it's not a sump cooler ... I've been in Texas all my life and I don't know anyone who has a sump cooler

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Professional renovator is fine, some air conditioners need water to work. With pure fan configuration, there should be no problem with the crank case cooler. Circulating air will help you cool down with tea. Adding a window fan to the mix will help ■■■■ hot air into one window when not in use, while cold air passes through another filtered window.

I booked your time there (?) Reply here from Michigan.

I'm going to mess up a little bit here. If you have a swamp cooler, you need water. Sump coolers are usually installed only in areas with low humidity. I think Texas is eligible. Here in Florida, no one in their right mind would have a swampy refrigerator. Maybe you can come and tell someone if you have a traditional air conditioning or crank case cooling.

Additional information. If this crank case is not cooler, the other answers are correct and you do not need water to run the AC. Good for water problems.

The only water associated with basic air is the moisture that you take from the air you use. It does not need water to work.

It's good that your AC is working. There is no relationship between the two.

Can Ac Run Without Water