Cammed Car

Cammed Car

What does it mean when someone says the car is folded? 3

What is a camera? Cam shaft ... crank shaft ... really? If the 383 has 400 cranks, is that the equivalent of a camera? And what do those people mean when they say they can hear my camera? How is this sound compared to the last sound?

I hate not being able to talk to my car because I don't see John!


Is that sound?

An advanced camshaft is installed.

If the camshaft is too high, you can tell how slow the engine is. A typical engine idle retarder.

(This applies to non-variable timing engines.)

Crank and cam are different as shown. 383 has 400 cranks with small sector. It's basically boring 0.030 350 equals 400.

383 = 4,030 diameter x 3.75.

It's basically 350cc, but the 400cc crank increases with the running distance of the piston, and that's what makes it so. I know


NO, crank and cam are different parts. The crank fires and lifts the piston up and does so. The cam lifts the lifter up and does so, the lifter pushes the push rod and the rod moves the rocker arm and the rocker arm moves to open and close the valve in the head, actually the valve is spring. Which makes the valve and moves the other parts I mentioned (eg: swing arm, rod and putter).

When someone says they are out, it means they have a powerful camera built into their camera (maybe at most). Space is what you hear in the exhaust, it's called Gallup, it's hard to explain, but with the force chamber, the engine doesn't run well or is very slow. When you hear the T bar, he or she p, rup, p a clicking sound comes out.

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The camshaft and the crankshaft are two very different things. Your camshaft is at the head of your valve, which changes the ratio / air / splash on your valve. Better camera means more burn and more power. The crank shaft is where the piston turns, it goes deep into the crank case and is not actually attached to the camera. When upgrading a car's camshaft, many will say that you only need to buy a John Stereo. I can't explain it, but you can hear the difference.

Those who want more power from their January will automatically install a different cam shaft that came in January. A cam with more lift cams improves performance. The focus is on enlarging the inlet and outlet of the ene valve. It must absorb the mixture and expel gases easily. Also continuous increase in performance.

Cammed Car