Definition of Calorie:

  1. The unit of energy production capacity of food (usually listed as a calorie on the nutrition label of a product) is actually one kilocalorie, which is equal to 1000 small heat of heat required to increase the temperature of food. Is. One kilogram of water at 1 ° C is equivalent to 4.18 kilojoules or about 4 British thermal units (Btus). Diet is also known as calories, calories in kilograms, large calories, or nutritional calories.

  2. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 ° C is equal to 4.18 joules or about 0.004 British thermal units (BTU). Also known as gram calories or small calories.

Synonyms of Calorie

Horsepower-hour, Erg, Kilogram-meter, British thermal unit, Dyne, Great calorie, Horsepower-year, Kilocalorie, Foot-pound, Atomerg, Rational calorie, Quantum, BTU, Joule, Kilowatt-hour, Thermal unit, Energid, Photon, Dinamode, Therm

Meaning of Calorie & Calorie Definition

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