Calo Cat Food

Calo Cat Food

Does anyone remember Kalu's cat food? 3

Does anyone know what happened to the canned goods and the canned cat food? I know the store sold it in the early '90s, but it looks like it's gone.

I was curious to know about UCT because for some reason it is almost completely unaware of its age compared to other pet food labels on the market.

Thank you very much.

I found this on the billboard. I didn't try to figure out what role they played.

You have to feed your kitten ... up to a year old kitten. These foods contain more raw protein than food, and kittens need it to get all the nutrients. When he is one year old, give him cat food. See Eukanuba Food and Science t. Both have excellent cat food and caterers. I'm a big fan of science. Science T also offers formulas for the indoor environment. I don't know if you have indoor / outdoor or vice versa, but science is great. When you pay so much for Iams, Science t and Eukanuba are not so expensive. You can get them from large pet chains such as Petsmart or Petco. Most veterinarians have one of two. OK, but feed your kitten for 12 months.

Yes! My cat Sam W, who is in his 50s, is 21 years old and eating calories!

Advertisers are at the bottom. Giving a cat a smelly brown bullet would be considered an animal in my book. It was cheap, so it sold out. Don't leave the cat.

Calo Cat Food