Calling card

Calling card,

Definition of Calling card:

  1. A card that allows the user to make phone calls up to a specified value or charge the cost to a specific account.

  2. Credit card, issued usually by telephone companies, for making local and/or long-distance calls.

  3. A card bearing a persons name and address, sent or left in lieu of a formal social or business visit.

Synonyms of Calling card

Identification, ID, Credentials, Papers, ID card, Badge, Calligram, Card, Countermark, Countersign, Credentials, Dog tag, Identification, Identification badge, Identification tag, Initials, Letter of introduction, Monogram, Press card, Serial number, Signature, Tessera, Visiting card

How to use Calling card in a sentence?

  1. Calling card numbers.
  2. Sometimes Ill carry around calling cards and casually hand them to people I want to spend more time with.

Meaning of Calling card & Calling card Definition