Called Capital

Called Capital,

What is The Meaning of Called Capital?

  • Called Capital means, Used in private equity circles, it is the amount of capital that an investor actually transfers to the fund. Also known as a deposit payment. Capital is needed when managers are ready to invest.

Literal Meanings of Called Capital


Meanings of Called:
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Synonyms of Called

assemble, yell, cry, convene, phone call, get someone on the phone, bawl, summons, entreaty, bellow, place a call to, visit, get, halloo, screech, social call, shout, appeal, phone, reach, order, plea


Meanings of Capital:
  1. The most important city in a country or region is usually the center of government and administration, far more than any other place associated with a particular activity or product.

  2. Assets in the form of money or other assets that belong to an individual or organization are available for a specific purpose or designed to be donated, for example. B. To start a business or to invest.

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Sentences of Capital
  1. Warsaw is the capital of Poland

  2. Higher return on investment capital

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  6. Large columns

Synonyms of Capital

wealth, resources, upper-case letter, most important city, first city, the wherewithal, funds, assets, money, principal, block capital, deep pockets, capital letter, the means, finances, reserves, centre of administration, upper-case, stock, block, seat of government, finance