Definition of Call:

  1. Banking: Demand by a bank to a borrower to repay the entire loan balance (principal plus interest plus other charges, if any) where a default has occurred or is deemed imminent.

  2. General: Claim or demand for payment of money.

  3. Company affairs: Demand from a firm to its stockholders to pay all or a part of money remaining unpaid on stock (shares) bought by them.

  4. Securities market: Redemption of bonds (or preferred stock or preference shares) by its issuer on payment of a call premium, as provided for in the bond indenture. See also callable bond.

  5. Options market: Buyers right to purchase a specified number of certain asset or security at a specified price by a fixed date. Short form of the term call option.

Synonyms of Call

Angelus, Angelus bell, DDD, Accompany, Address, Adjuration, Adumbrate, Alarm, Alarum, Allurement, Animal noise, Ante, Ante up, Antecedents, Apostleship, Apostrophize, Appeal, Appeal to, Appraise, Appreciate, Approximate, Ask, Ask for, Assemble, Assess, Attend, Attractiveness, Augur, Awake, Awaken, Back, Baptize, Bark, Barking, Base, Basis, Battle cry, Bawl, Bay, Beck, Beck and call, Bell, Bellow, Beseechment, Bet, Bet on, Bid, Bid come, Biddance, Bidding, Bill, Birdcall, Blackmail, Blare, Blat, Blate, Bleat, Bray, Bugle call, Busy signal, Buzz, Cackle, Call, Call away, Call back, Call down, Call for, Call forth, Call in, Call off, Call on, Call out, Call together, Call up, Call upon, Call-up, Calling, Calling forth, Cancel, Care of souls, Carol, Cast lots, Castigate, Caterwaul, Causation, Cause, Cause and effect, Caw, Challenge, Chastise, Chatter, Cheep, Cheer, Chirk, Chirp, Chirr, Chirrup, Chitter, Christen, Chuck, Cite, Clack, Claim, Clamor, Clang, Class, Cluck, Cock-a-doodle-doo, Collect, Come by, Come over, Command, Compulsory military service, Conjure, Conjure up, Conscript, Conscription, Contribution, Convene, Convocation, Convoke, Coo, Cover, Croak, Cronk, Crow, Cry, Cry out, Cuckoo, Cut lots, Cut the cards, Define, Demand, Demand for, Demand payment, Denominate, Denote, Designate, Determinant, Determinative, Dial, Dial tone, Direct distance dialing, Discontinue, Draft, Draft call, Drafting, Drain, Draw, Draw lots, Draw on, Draw straws, Drawing power, Drop in, Drum, Dub, Dun, Duty, Duty visit, Element, Elicit, Engraved invitation, Enlist, Enlistment, Enrollment, Entitle, Entreat, Entreaty, Estimate, Etiology, Evaluate, Evocation, Evoke, Exact, Exaction, Excuse, Extortion, Extortionate demand, Factor, Fade, Fetch, Figure, Forecast, Form an estimate, Formal visit, Foundation, Gabble, Gaggle, Gamble, Game, Gather, Gauge, Get, Give a ring, Give an appreciation, Give tongue, Give voice, Gobble, Good reason, Ground, Grounds, Grunt, Guess, Guggle, Hail, Halloo, Hang up, Hazard, Heavy demand, Hold the phone, Holler, Hollo, Holy orders, Honk, Hoo, Hoot, Howl, Howling, Hurrah, Identify, Imploration, Imploring, Imposition, Impost, Imprecation, Impressment, Indent, Induction, Insistent demand, Inspire, Invitation, Invite, Invocation, Invocatory plea, Invoice, Invoke, Issue an invitation, Judge, Justification, Knock up, Label, Last post, Lay, Lay a wager, Lay down, Levy, Listen in, Local call, Long distance, Long-distance call, Look in, Look up, Lot, Low, Lure, Mad round, Make a bet, Make a call, Make an estimation, Mark, Match coins, Material basis, Mating call, Measure, Meet a bet, Meow, Mew, Mewl, Miaow, Mobile call, Mobilization, Moo, Moose call, Muster, Muster up, Name, Necessity, Need, Neigh, Nicker, Nickname, Nod, Nonnegotiable demand, Note, Notice, Notification, Obligation, Obsecration, Obtestation, Occasion, On call, On duty, Option, Order, Order up, Page, Parlay, Pass, Pastorage, Pastoral care, Pastorate, Peep, Person-to-person call, Petition, Phone, Phone call, Pick up, Pip, Pipe, Place, Play, Play against, Play at dice, Play the ponies, Plea, Plunge, Pop in, Portend, Postpone, Postulate, Prayer, Preconization, Preconize, Predict, Presage, Press, Priesthood, Priestship, Principle, Prize, Prognosticate, Prophesy, Pule, Pull, Punt, Put, Put and call, Quack, Rabbinate, Raffle off, Rally, Rallying cry, Rank, Rate, Ready, Reason, Rebel yell, Rebuke, Recall, Reckon, Recruit, Recruiting, Recruitment, Reprimand, Reprove, Request, Require, Required visit, Requirement, Requisition, Reveille, Right, Ring, Ring off, Ring up, Roar, Rogation, Roll, Round up, Rouse, Run in, Rush, Rush order, Sacred calling, Scold, Screak, Scream, Screech, Seduction, See, Selective service, Send a statement, Send after, Send for, Serve, Shoot craps, Shout, Shriek, Shrill, Sing, Social call, Social round, Social whirl, Solicit, Song, Specify, Speculate, Sport, Spread, Squall, Squawk, Squeak, Squeal, Stake, Stand pat, Station-to-station call, Stimulus, Stock option, Straddle, Strap, Stridulation, Strip, Style, Subpoena, Substance, Suit, Summon, Summon forth, Summon up, Summons, Supplicate, Supplication, Tag, Taps, Tax, Taxing, Telephone, Telephone call, Term, The church, The cloth, The desk, The ministry, The pulpit, Tinkle, Title, Toll call, Toss, Tribute, Trill, Troat, Trumpet call, Tweet, Twit, Twitter, Ultimatum, Ululate, Ululation, Upbraid, Valuate, Value, Vaticinate, Visit, Visitation, Visiting, Vocation, Vociferate, Wager, Wail, Wake up, War cry, War whoop, Warble, Warning, Warrant, Whicker, Whine, Whinny, Whistle, Whoop, Within call, Woodnote, Yammer, Yap, Yawl, Yawp, Yell, Yelp, Yip, Yo-ho, Yowl

Meaning of Call & Call Definition

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Definition of Call:

  1. A phone call can mean two things. It may refer to an option agreement that gives the owner the right to purchase a specific price of basic security for a specified price for a specified period of time, but is not liable. It can also be a door-to-door auction, in which the buyer sets the maximum acceptable purchase price and the seller sets the minimum satisfactory price for selling the securities in the exchange. In this process, the pair of buyers and sellers increases liquidity and reduces volatility. Auctions are sometimes called call markets.

    • The call may be related to the auction or the call option.
    • Hold auction is a method used to price securities in liquid markets. The call option is a right, but not an obligation, for the buyer to purchase a basic instrument for a given strike price within a specified period.

  2. Call can be defined as, When a company asks for shares, it asks for a share from the partially paid shareholders. Future trading call means margin call. Funds can be placed in the money market if needed, which means they have not been deposited for a fixed period.

Meanings of Call

  1. Give (child or animal) a specific name.

  2. Scream (word or words)

  3. Call or try to contact (someone or number).

  4. Ask for or request help.

  5. Declare or decide that (an event, especially a meeting, strike or election) should take place.

  6. See (someone)

  7. (Referee or other official in the game) announces (ball, shot or other action) as indicated.

  8. Reason for hanging (subroutine).

Sentences of Call

  1. He called his daughter Hina

  2. I heard a terrible sound that came from your name

  3. Can i call you back

  4. Representatives of all three teams were invited to appear before the commissioner

  5. There seems to be no alternative but to hold general elections.

  6. I promised Celia that I would call the clinic

  7. The line's goalkeeper calls the ball away

  8. One subroutine can call other subroutines (or the subroutine itself).

  9. A nearby fisherman listens to your call for help

Synonyms of Call

reach, make a call to, get someone on the phone, sing out, place a call to, sound, get on the phone to


What Does Call Mean?

  • You can define Call as, A call can mean two things. It can be an option contract that offers the right, but not an obligation, to buy a certain amount of underlying assets for a certain amount within a certain period of time. It can also refer to what is called an auction, when the buyer specifies an acceptable e to buy and the seller defines an acceptable e to sell securities on the stock exchange. Adult buyers and sellers increase liquidity and reduce volatility in the process. Auctions are sometimes called option markets.

    • Calls may refer to auction or call options.
    • Demand auction is a trading method used in immovable markets to determine the value of insurance. The option of a call is the buyer's right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying asset within a specified period at a specific strike price.

  • When a company asks for shares, it asks the owners of the partially paid shares to collect more. Inbound call trading refers to market calls. NDs can be placed on money market demand, ie. H. They are not safe for a certain period of time.

Meanings of Call

  1. Call or try to reach (someone or number) by phone.

  2. Request a request or service.

  3. Announce or resolve that an event (specifically a meeting, election or strike) is taking place.

  4. (Referee or other official of the game) Pronunciation (ball, putt, etc.) as indicated.

  5. Leads to subcutaneous action.

  6. Shout or get attention like a phone call.

  7. Separate calls from birds or other animals.

  8. For example, talking to someone on the phone or trying to contact someone on the phone.

  9. Short trips, mainly for social reasons.

  10. Applications or requests to participate.

Sentences of Call

  1. She heard a terrible voice calling her name.

  2. Representatives of the three teams were summoned to the Monaco commissioner.

  3. There seems to be no choice but to hold parliamentary elections.

  4. I have to call the bank to get the money.

  5. A nearby fisherman heard help.

  6. The most characteristic of his screams, loud "stupid"

  7. I'll call you at five o'clock.

  8. We visited Ben and his family.

Synonyms of Call

call in on, vociferation, look in on, cooee, declare, arrange, pop into, pay a brief visit to, go by the name of, stop by, pay a call on, yoo-hoo, ■■■■■■■■■, exclamation, pay a visit to, answer to the name of, arrange a time/date for, drop by, exclaim, drop in on, clepe


How To Define Call?

Definition of Call: A phone call in finance usually means one of two things.

  • Calls may refer to auction or call options.
  • The call option gives the buyer the right to purchase the underlying asset at a specified strike price within a specified period, but is not liable.
  • Call options are often used to speculate on bull moves, hedging or closed call subscriptions.
  • Call auction is a type of trading in which you are traded for a specific time and set.
  • Demand auction is a trading method used to determine the price of insurance in non-markets.

When a company asks for shares, it asks the owners of the partially paid shares to submit more. Tour trading calls refer to market calls. ND can be placed on the demand of money market, ie. H. They are not stored for a specific period.

Meanings of Call

  1. Announce or resolve that an event (especially a meeting, election or strike) is taking place.

  2. (Referee or other official in the game) Pronunciation (ball, putt, etc.) as indicated.

  3. Leads to the implementation of subroutine.

  4. To scream or get attention like a phone call.

  5. For example, talking to someone on the phone or trying to talk to someone on the phone.

  6. A phone call or a request to have something happen.

  7. Participation requests or applications.

  8. The decision or decision of the referee or other official (in the game) is traditionally made by a call that the ball is out of the game or a rule has been violated.

  9. Instructions for implementing the sub-routine.

  10. Request for payment of borrowed or unpaid capital.

  11. (In bars, clubs, etc.) with a relatively expensive brand of wine that the customer orders by name.

Sentences of Call

  1. He called his daughter Hana

  2. He heard a terrible voice calling his name

  3. There is no choice but to hold parliamentary elections.

  4. I need to call the bank to get the money.

  5. Nearby, a fisherman heard a cry for help

  6. Most of her screams, loud "stupid"

  7. I'll call you about five.

  8. We met Ben and his family.

  9. The call to action is well received.

Synonyms of Call

■■■■■■■■■, announce