Call report

Call report,

Definition of Call report:

  1. Salespersons record of calls or visits made to the customers and their outcome, submitted to the sales manager.

  2. A call report is a regulatory report that must be filed by banks in the U.S. on a quarterly basis with the FDIC. A call report contains information about the bank's financial health, and by examining multiple call reports it can provide insight regarding the welfare of the U.S. banking system more broadly. Banks that are required to file call reports are national banks, state member banks, and non-member banks.

  3. The call report is officially known as the "Report of Condition and Income" and can also be called the RC report.

How to use Call report in a sentence?

  1. Officially known as the Report of Condition and Income, the bank's management must sign off and attest to the information provided in the report.
  2. The specific reporting requirements for a bank depend upon the size of the bank, whether it has any "foreign" offices, and the capital standards applicable to the bank. .
  3. A call report is a quarterly report of the financial condition of U.S. banks, filed with the FDIC.

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