Call Birth Giver

Call Birth Giver

to use terms like rth donor? ۔

If you have a daughter and she decides to offer your son for adoption, will you call your third donor and treat him with the same disrespect that you have with your first father? ?

I wonder if this is conditional?


Sister, I know what you mean. I try to respect all sides of the triangle and generally use:

First parents


Adoptive father

Susie Sunshine You are a sad and depressed woman and do we really decide which languages ​​are right and which are not? I respectfully ask you to refrain from treating everyone here as your own. As far as the term donor is concerned, I understand what I have learned from that term. I don't care what some women think of me as a mother, I'm a mother, not a mother, not a giver or a word used to make me inferior. Mom is the name all my kids call me, and even though I would understand that if an adult called me by my name (he doesn't call me, he calls me Mom, but it took a while), no. That means I'm not your mother. The language of respect should use terms of respect, not terms that mothers throw away from the incubator for a while.

R Contributor.

Call Birth Giver