Calgon Alternative

Calgon Alternative

Is there a cheaper alternative to Calgon? 3

As the question says. I just got a new washing machine and I want it to run.

I have been using Sainsburys Supermarket for years and my mother is still recovering even though I live in a hard water area. My clothes aren't spoiled either!

In fact, Calgon is not a cheap alternative. Each Calgon tablet costs 20P and if you wash it 5 times a week, you will receive £ 1 a week.

If you use Calgon, after 5 years you will have a 5 year old washing machine that is almost gone, but all the parts that come in contact with water are clean and tidy.

If you don't use Calgon, your washing machine will be empty after 5 years, but you can save £ 250 by just buying a new one.

Which is better, a very clean but almost tired 5 year old Mai, or a new one?

No competition!

I will not use Calgon or any other complete anti-fouling detergent. Your clothes are rotten. No matter how much you save on finishing clothes, you will spend a lot of time replacing bad clothes.

It is best to use a packet of soda crystals in a 90 ° wash once a month in an empty room. It keeps your feet clean and free of chalk, cheap and does not irritate your clothes.

Calgon Alternative

Calgon Alternative

Every few weeks, put a cup of vinegar on an empty stomach, let it sit for 5 minutes, then put it on a t-cycle. My plumber gave me this advice and so far so good.

Borax, bortium, sodium bicarbonate

Fresh flowers from the garden. Hmmm

Calgon Alternative