Cachorro Vomitando Amarelo

Cachorro Vomitando Amarelo

My dog ​​too much, no food and no cold, no hair, my dear God, can anyone help me? ۔

Sedaphira did not start to happen, nor did Astron, because he is very playful and all this, on Tuesday it got worse, no one or anyone entered the dinner. I called a veterinarian here yesterday, suggested an injectable medicine and a pill, more or less problems with what you do or eat, and it doesn't work in this or that patch, and he gave me a serum. Also suggests that he gives points for everything, aka, not even one for the air, very fluid yellow. I decided to see another doctor in the neighboring town and then get some tests done, give him an injection to stop him and cut him off so I know when the test is coughing but he hasn't turned it on yet. What, and he continued. I told him it could be synomosis because he was showing two symptoms, maybe more or more severe, because he didn't act like he was with the disease, I didn't question the other suspicions. What Hair (Ehrlichiosis) is very much caught, of course fighting the poison for tick, but no more. Also, he hasn't called me yet and it's Saturday, and he probably doesn't work that much, and he needs it internally, I have nothing to do with it. And don't eat, love God's hair, He can't stand it with silk! Someone help me :(

Hello Matthew. My dog ​​has exactly the same problem as you, with the same symptoms. We should not know for sure if the tinea is distemper or erythrocytosis because the diagnosis depends on some tests that are cheap for us. Luckily we managed to save him, because somehow we went straight to the veterinary clinic. See, where we sign, you can read:

First) The priority should be hydrated or your dog. Use it internally because it's running too much, one way, one way serum, otherwise it won't all come back. It is very expensive to get a veterinary clinic for this, we pay 200 riyals with a 2 day intern. We have ********************************************* Anyway, He is called poor like me, he has to find a way, to borrow from his neighbor which I do not know about, but the appropriate voice is to save him from severe water shortage.

2nd) The wool that is applied in the clinics, you already have intravenous agents or against vomiting, but the same um or vomiting can persist (or my current must be after a few days). Or it can be done when you decide to go home, glue the syringe without the needle, make it bigger, and make Bƒ Bem Ralin Porridge and add a small dose of Bem, and Das Dear in the mouth Is about to air But he was afraid to love himself too much and too little. Put the paucin, wait for it to swallow, add more around the little one and go make.

He will probably die at the headquarters and would like to drink a mountain of water. Don't let him go because I can drink a lot. You have to give me water, more often in small quantities, through the syringe.

When they vomit, you can give them what you see in a glass ampoule and you control or vomit it, and you can give them corned beef, which is beef noodles. He may also be weak in chewing, he is very weak, but this paste is unbearable for dogs and it is easy to swallow, so he will definitely eat it (come on).

3.) Your veterinarian, even for a good veterinarian, will ask for a blood test to see how you are doing. If the anti-corpus for canine distemper is low, practically zero, then it is necessary to suggest a patch to increase this anticorps, and this patch should be given first, some, even to come back. Normally my dog ​​has been facing us for 4 months already because I have a disease, and it's red, so you have an idea.

Eventually, he will turn off the distemper, or with some sequels. Either I'm lost or a little foot movement from behind (we assume he or she immediately believes the distemper), plus I'm happier. He can still walk, use his fingers, but he walks and does everything as usual. These are caused by secular injuries or the nervous system that can affect or move organs, or until they leave the grain. To avoid a major problem or worse consequences as soon as possible.

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Cachorro Vomitando Amarelo