Cachaça é Bom Para Gripe

Cachaça é Bom Para Gripe

Well, what is the hidden cure for coffee / no influenza? ۔

Tell friends in advance ..

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This is the belief of a common explosive country. Consulting OK, I like one Rita + one Eggs, Naam .... KK.

Myth of Existence, High Table!

Looks like Rialdo Rossi ... Oops.

Grapefruit is treated with antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-allergic!

A friend should know something pin ha hahahaha! He should not be treated, no or what can happen when he eats hot caffeine or eats it, or when he feels ah and reacts a little bad, is common in the flu.

Hahahaha my dad had already said it was fine, he drank a little drip into a cup of coffee. One complaint goes away, but it depends on what I know or because of two treatments. Hahaha


Wow, this is the first time I've heard of it.

? Â' ، à ، Â'à ،! '  -

Cachaça é Bom Para Gripe

Cachaça é Bom Para Gripe

As far as I know, coffee with lemons or salt.

Worth it, but heal now!


No more than a heat patch, it gives.

Hello Elton,

OK, I don't know, you'll get such a bad or bad taste in a damp mouth, but it will be confiscated.

But take something else, because this Isra should only last a moment!

Wow, Mary!

Song peas that treat the flu; medicine and medicinal herbs and a good doctor. It's a story that people invent.

I don't do what I do with my husband's alcohol !!

Cachaça é Bom Para Gripe