Connection name CaBr2 ???


It is calcium bromide ...

Calcium bromide is a calcium salt of hydrobromic acid with the chemical formula CaBr2. In solid state it is a powder, ie CaBr2 can be found in drilling fluids, neurosis drugs, freezer mixes, food preservatives, photography and ants. [1]

When heated in air, calcium bromide produces calcium oxide and bromine.

2 CaBr2 + O2 [2 CaO + 2 Br2

In this reaction, oxygen oxidizes bromine from bromide.

It can be formed by the reaction of calcium oxide with hydrobromic acid or by the reaction of metallic calcium with element bromine.

The name of the compound is Cabr2.

Name cabr2

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Connection name CaBr2 ???

My teacher said it was calcium

The simple and sweet answer to this question is that not all elements belonging to group 1 and group 2 in PT have Roman numerals.

Both names are acceptable. This is commonly known as calcium bromide.