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Cabeza De Termo

What does the term "thermal head" mean? ۔

Is it only used in football or not?

The bottle is called the second penis.

So if it drips, it's called a thermos head on someone, it means porn head.

The bottle head is a hollow head incorium. And just by dripping, it became a cave in the hair. She was found in Ojida and was already pregnant (!) And was about to marry P. Oliva, although she did not revoke the warrant (!!). Loosen up what you get from fat, it hits you hard. And that's a few years ago: Menim and Fidel Castro (!!!), fans of Fig. SK (!!!!). Or the sea: A. Cabiza de Lumilagro is not the best idea.

Hahaha young Roman

Thermal head = recoil.

Maradona said something:

I understood the literal meaning, though not exactly:

Thermal head The term offensive applies to anyone who appears on the enemy's list. p.rongas More respect than an aggressive boss.

Is there a thermos head? Is that clear?

Cabeza De Termo