Cabelo Seco Masculino

Cabelo Seco Masculino

Men's hair is very dry. Oh those who do? 3

She has wavy, dry hair and short hair. Or what can I do to match it? I thought you were cold ...

And please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ........... No prejudice, I did not enjoy the vows by doing so.


Look Lucas, you want to go or Salo, do it yourself !!!

Hydrate the seeds, tap and drag for 15 minutes for best results, to moisturize or remove or dry the peas or to keep them dry and you will see or prepare the logo ...

I don't recommend Mr. Gel because it makes the hair fall out even more. I'm a living experience of it !!!

I use force but only when necessary, I prefer pantier powder or cream, as it helps nourish !!!

I recommend it, or better for the forehead, if the cephalo grows a little, relax it and do nothing ...

Goodbye take care of it

Or, ideally, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe the right cream (square or industrial) for your problem, but Natura, Ox and Ecologie men's hair care products, illusions and conditioners, moisturizing gel And do not use with powder. You can also supply a lot of contaminated pharmacies, some seals are attached together, and the central concentration is ready.

Is your hair dry? He is a S.A. Pretense and natural conditioner. Or hair, one of my cousins ​​had hair that was getting so smooth that it dried out after I started using NEO-BE SHAME Gel! Go to a B salon and hydrate the seeds. This will help a lot.

This type of alcohol dries the hair.

Take shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and use moisturizer (Ika at home) about 2 times a week or I prefer pantier cream daily without rinsing with moisturizer.


A tip from Auto

Or prison IM ■■■■ or poodle.

and so on.


Why don't you want to go to the salon or use the same gel !!!

Cabelo Seco Masculino

Cabelo Seco Masculino

Shave your bald, it would be funny !!!!!!!!!!

Cabelo Seco Masculino