Definition of Byproduct:

  1. An incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else.

  2. Output other than the principal product(s) of an industrial process, such as sawdust or woodchips generated in processing lumber. Unlike joint-products, byproducts have low value in comparison with the principal product(s) and may be discarded or sold either in their original state, or after further processing.

Synonyms of Byproduct

By-product, Spin-off, Offshoot, Subsidiary product

How to use Byproduct in a sentence?

  1. The byproduct was of some value which was unexpected due to the specific manufacturing process engaged in by the new project.
  2. Zinc is a byproduct of the glazing process.
  3. Sometimes you will have to react to a byproduct of a past decision you made and it can cause you to make tough choices.
  4. I informed him that this was a simple byproduct and not exactly what were going to make huge profits with later.

Meaning of Byproduct & Byproduct Definition