Definition of Bypass:

  1. Deliberately established alternative route that temporarily avoids the proper route, or inhibits the proper functioning, of a circuit, flow, path, or system.

  2. A road passing around a town or its center to provide an alternative route for through traffic.

  3. Go past or around.

  4. A secondary channel, pipe, or connection to allow a flow when the main one is closed or blocked.

  5. The alternative channel created during a bypass operation.

Synonyms of Bypass

Go round, Go past, Make a detour round, Pass round, Detour, Diversion, Circuitous route, Roundabout way, Alternative route

How to use Bypass in a sentence?

  1. Power was restored to the effected racks via a manual bypass onto raw mains at approximately 10: 01 hrs.
  2. I had a bypass last year so have been building up my strength.
  3. Bypass the farm and continue to the road.
  4. The opportunity of providing a town centre bypass along the former railway line to the east of the buildings in High Street has now disappeared.

Meaning of Bypass & Bypass Definition