Definition of Buy:

  1. Accept the truth of.

  2. Acquisition of an article, and legal assumption of its ownership, in exchange for money or value.

  3. A purchase.

  4. Obtain in exchange for payment.

Synonyms of Buy

Purchase, Deal, Bargain, Investment, Acquisition, Addition, Gain, Asset, Possession, Holding, Purchase, Make a purchase of, Make the purchase of, Acquire, Obtain, Get, Pick up, Snap up, Accept, Agree to, Consent to, Assent to, Acquiesce in, Concur in, Accede to, Give ones blessing to, Bless, Give ones seal of approval to, Give ones stamp of approval to, Rubber-stamp, Say yes to, Abide by, Accede, Accept, Accept for gospel, Accept implicitly, Acclaim, Acquiesce, Acquiesce in, Acquire, Advantageous purchase, Agree, Agree to, Agree with, Applaud, Approach, Assent, Bargain, Be certain, Believe, Believe without reservation, Bribe, Buy back, Buy in, Buy into, Buy off, Buy on credit, Buy up, Buying, Buying power, Buying up, Catalog buying, Cheer, Coemption, Complete a purchase, Comply, Consent, Consumer power, Consumer sovereignty, Consumerism, Corner, Cornering, Corrupt, Credit, Emption, Engross, Fix, Get, Get at, Get to, Give faith to, Give the nod, Good buy, Good pennyworth, Grease, Grease the palm, Hail, Have, Hire purchase, Hold with, Impulse buying, In toto, Installment buying, Lubricate, Mail-order buying, Make a buy, Marketing, Money illusion, Monopolize, Nod, Nod assent, Obtain, Pay off, Pennyworth, Procure, Purchase, Purchasing, Purchasing power, Put faith in, Reach, Rebuy, Rebuying, Receive, Redeem, Regrate, Repurchase, Set store by, Shopping, Shopping spree, Sop, Square, Steal, Suborn, Subscribe to, Swallow, Take, Take care of, Take for granted, Take kindly to, Take on faith, Take on trust, Take stock in, Tamper with, Tickle the palm, Trust, Vote for, Welcome, Window-shopping, Yes, Yield assent

How to use Buy in a sentence?

  1. He bought me a new dress.
  2. The wine is a good buy at $3.49.

Meaning of Buy & Buy Definition