Buy to cover

Buy to cover,

Definition of Buy to cover:

  1. An order to buy back shares that were sold short and close out the position. Compare to Buy Long. See Short Sale.

  2. Buy to cover refers to a buy order made on a stock or other listed security to close out an existing short position. A short sale involves selling shares of a company that an investor does not own, as the shares are borrowed from a broker but need to be repaid at some point. .

  3. A buy to cover order of purchasing an equal number of shares to those borrowed, "covers" the short sale and allows the shares to be returned to the original lender, typically the investor's own broker-dealer, who may have had to borrow the shares from a third party.

How to use Buy to cover in a sentence?

  1. Short positions are borrowed from a broker and a buy to cover allows the short positions to be "covered" and returned to the original lender.
  2. Buy to cover refers to a buy trade order that closes a trader's short position.
  3. Buy to cover orders are generally margin trades.
  4. The trade is made on the belief that a stock's price will decline, so shares are sold at a higher price and then bought back at a lower price.

Meaning of Buy to cover & Buy to cover Definition

Buy To Cover,

What is The Definition of Buy To Cover?

Buy-to-Hedge refers to a purchase order placed on stock or other listed securities to close an existing short position. A small sale involves the sale of shares in a company that does not belong to the investor because the shares were taken from a broker, but must be redeemed.

  • Badge to Hedge refers to a purchase order that closes the trader's short position.
  • Short positions and hedging purchases taken from brokers can cover short positions and return them to the original lender.
  • Trading is done on the assumption that the share price will fall, so that the shares will be sold at a higher price and then repurchased at a lower price.
  • Protection orders are usually margin transactions.

Buy To Cover refers to A type of trade that is a closed trade for short sales that produces closed lots. Bystockcore is also a filter that only shows purchase transactions that will be covered

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