What is Buy-Side?

  • There is a class in Wall Street financial institutions called byes. Outside professionals work with insurance companies, mutual funds and pension funds to buy large bonds for fund managers.

    • Bayside is a segment of Wall Street consisting of investment firms that buy securities for financial management purposes.
    • The selling side is the buying side and only offers investment recommendations.
    • Companies involved in buying activities buy stocks, shares and other financial products based on their business needs and strategies or the needs of their consumer portfolios.

Literal Meanings of Buy-Side


Meanings of Buy:
  1. Receive in return for payment.

  2. Accept the truth about

  3. shopping.

Sentences of Buy
  1. Buy me new clothes

  2. Wine 49 was a good buy at 3.49

Synonyms of Buy

possession, accept, give one's blessing to, acquiesce in, consent to, accede to, say yes to, addition, holding, deal, concur in, purchase, give one's stamp of approval to, make a purchase of, get, make the purchase of, obtain, gain, bargain, acquisition, asset, investment, assent to, pick up, bless, snap up


Meanings of Side:
  1. Position to the left or right of an object, location, or center.

  2. The vertical or inclined surface of a structure or object that does not rise or fall and is usually not in front or behind.

  3. The part or region that is near the edge and away from the center of an object.

  4. The person or group that opposes a debate, competition or debate.

  5. Some aspects of a person's situation or character.

  6. Subsidiary or less important than anything else.

  7. Horizontal rotation of the ball.

  8. Support or reject conflicts, disputes or debates.

  9. Provide a page or pages to create sides.

Sentences of Side
  1. Cities across the river

  2. A car stopped right next to the house

  3. A van is parked on the side of the road

  4. The two sides agreed to continue border trade

  5. Your ability to handle your discomfort

  6. Also made with fresh vegetables

  7. The extra function of the white ball to use the page turn to compensate for the accent is a completely different topic that cannot be addressed here.

  8. I feel like Max cheated on Beatrice by defending her

  9. A long valley is lined with hills

Synonyms of Side

margin, border, ally oneself with, back up, secondary, ring, give one's support to, beside the point, outer limit, lower-level, take the side of, incidental, rim, bloc, flank, back, peripheral, faction, camp, ancillary, unimportant, sympathize with, favour, limits, brim, be on the side of