Buy Ins

Buy Ins,

Buy Ins Definition:

  • Meaning of Buy Ins: Purchasing Management (MBI) uses leverage purchases made by a new manager or management team outside the company to buy the company.

Literal Meanings of Buy Ins


Meanings of Buy:
  1. Receive in return for payment.

  2. Accept the truth about

  3. shopping.

Sentences of Buy
  1. Buy me new clothes

  2. Wine 49 was a good buy at 3.49

Synonyms of Buy

pick up, investment, obtain, say yes to, assent to, agree to, consent to, asset, rubber-stamp, bless, accept, accede to, concur in, bargain, acquire, give one's stamp of approval to, give one's blessing to, give one's seal of approval to, addition, snap up, acquiesce in, make a purchase of, gain, deal, possession, holding, purchase, acquisition, get


Meanings of Ins:
  1. Immigration and naturalization services.