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Button Ad,

What is Button Ad?

  • The definition of Button Ad is: Small ad on the site, usually 120 by 90 pixels.

Literal Meanings of Button Ad


Meanings of Button:
  1. Small discs or buttons that are sewn into the garment, either by pressing and attaching the slots provided for this purpose, or to decorate it

  2. A button on an electrical or electronic device that is pressed to operate.

  3. Badges with designs or slogans on clothes.

  4. Closure with buttons (clothing).

  5. stop talking.

Sentences of Button
  1. Blouse with five buttons on the front

  2. He pushed a button and waited in front of one of the shiny gold doors.

  3. You can't see it here, but these seeds and buttons have a lot of spreading phrases.

  4. I button my shirt and tie it

Synonyms of Button

keep one's lips sealed, key, link, push switch, stud, on switch, breastpin, brooch, keep silent, be silent, be quiet, controller, handle, knob, stay quiet, pin, keep quiet, fastener, stay silent, hold one's tongue, toggle, switch, control


Meanings of Ad:
  1. An advertisement.

  2. Lead means

  3. Anu Domini (used to indicate that the date is a certain number of years after the accepted date of Christ's birth).

  4. Active service

  5. Armored Division.

  6. Sports Director

Synonyms of Ad

bulletin, notice, announcement