Definition of Butt:

  1. Traditional volume unit beer, two barriers. In England, it measures 108 imperial gallons (491 liters). In the United States, 126 US gallons (477 liters)

  2. (A person or animal) hits (someone or something) with its head or horn.

  3. A blow or blow, usually a blow to the head.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Butt


Origin of word Butt

Late Middle English the noun apparently related to Dutch bot ‘stumpy’, also to buttock; the verb partly from butt, reinforced by abut.

Synonyms of Butt

Thule, Meet, Pursuit, Objective, Nib, Balance, Rivet, Deck of cigarettes, Remnant, Juncture, Cracklings, Tail, Assault, Posterior, Press, Roach, Lie by, Detritus, Bunt, Batten down, Ham steak, Fag, Force, Butt against, Dupe, Link, Sitting duck, Jestingstock, Shoving, Derriere, Impel, Gliding joint, Extreme, Modicum, Interrupt, Clipping, Abut on, Miter, Knee, Pole, Touch, Connect, Clinch, Residue, Shoulder, Pilgarlic, Connecting link, Tag end, Crumb, Toy, Headbutt, Rear end, Prat, Chump, Communicate, Joke, Sucker, Trace, Ultimate aim, Troll, Jam, Waste, Boundary, Coupling, Drive, Connecting rod, Haslet, Cram, Afterglow, Bolt, Ruins, Scrap, Backside, Chip, Interfere, Fall guy, Fat back, Fossil, Slice, Farthest bound, Joining, Moiety, Tie rod, Punch, Propelment, Hurtle, Keg, Adjoin, Small ham, Quarry, Orts, Pile drive, Push, Point, Smoke, Impulsion, Cigarette, Neck, Cut, Sweep along, Propelling, Bulldoze, Shunt, Hind end, Seam, Byword of reproach, Wrist, Interface, Teleology, Monkey, Bottom, Chunk, Bear, Relics, Afterimage, Abut, Driving force, Object in mind, Trotters, Mockery, Bump against, Zipper, Remainder, Straw, Connection, Game, Crupper, Jambon, Stress, Pork, Fool, Buttocks, Buckle, Hip, Goat, Stump, Lump, Odds and ends, Splinter, Clasp, Dig, Forward, Hunk, Cutting, Tamp, Suture, Verge, Rest, Scourings, Picnic ham, Vestige, Fanny, Joint, Nates, Cervix, Kibitz, Poke, Stub, Leavings, Neighbor, Cochon de lait, Tail end, Collop, Salt pork, Sweepings, Rump, Aim, Headcheese, Final cause, Propel, Gull, Goad, Cleat, Stick, Stock, Figure of fun, Ham, Mock, Breech, Tack, Pieds de cochon, Survival, Morsel, Bump, Intrude, Tun, Latch, Thrust, Move, Parings, Stubble, Shove, Be in contact, Jambonneau, Suckling pig, Derision, Trundle, Rattle, Sweep, Limit, Pulsion, Shaving, Hustle, Bunt, Conjoin, Pressure, Shiver, Bull, Sport, Run, Gobbet, Mortise, Joggle, Scoop, Snatch, Articulate, Filings, Snippet, Paring, Border, Ultima Thule, Head, Tag, Border on, Debris, Advance, Closure, Hinge, Fragment, Rasher, Motive power, Extremity, Butt end, Pivot, Jostle, Sawdust, Staple, Toggle joint, Crowd, Elbow, Reason for being, Dovetail, Side of bacon, Jumping-off place, Cig, Bit, Destination, Holdover, Batten, Sliver, Jab, Roll, Flitch, End, Offscourings, Shavings, Meddle, Fag end, By-purpose, Snap, Weld, Smithereen, Victim, Knuckle, Stand by, Line, Symphysis, Bottom dollar, Wedge, Ankle, Snipe, Piece, Union, Sew, Barrel, Boost, Pipe, Prod, Jog, Mark, Pig, Shake, Hogshead, Hook, Run against, Pedal, Cigarette case, Candle ends, Pushing, Ram, Shard, Hasp, Leftovers, Bowl, Particle, Bacon, Shadow, Propulsion, Behind, Verge upon, Chitterlings, Lard, Patsy, Rear, March, Shred, Sowbelly, Rubbish, Fair game, Ram down, Cigarette butt, Hitch, Pin, Pigeon, Skewer, Screw, Lock, Embrace, Remains, Object, End in view, Tip, Nudge, Gammon, Goal, Gazingstock, Husks, Gob, Jest, Scarf, Bearing, Prey, Rags, Ram, Treadle, By-end, Peg, Target, Quintain, Snip, Haunches, Bitter end, Hinged joint, Gudgeon, Dollop, Residuum, Carton of cigarettes, Byword, Jolt, Refuse, Croup, Snack, Laughingstock, Chaff, Buck, Clip, Tatter, Row, Join, Bear upon, Nail, Articulation, Porkpie, Stitch, Toggle, Pivot joint, Button, Scraps, Be contiguous, Rabbet

How to use Butt in a sentence?

  1. I will follow you with a donkey's head.
  2. He hit her in the chest with his head.

Meaning of Butt & Butt Definition