Business (source) document

Business (source) document,

Definition of Business (source) document:

  1. Actions on stage other than dialogue.

  2. A situation or series of events, typically a scandalous or discreditable one.

  3. A group of ferrets.

  4. (in Aboriginal English) traditional law and ritual.

  5. A very enjoyable or popular person or thing.

  6. A record of business used as the basis to analyze and record transactions. Some examples of this are check stubs, receipts, and invoices.

  7. A persons regular occupation, profession, or trade.

  8. Commercial activity.

Synonyms of Business (source) document

Affair, Matter, Thing, Issue, Case, Set of circumstances, Circumstance, Situation, Occasion, Experience, Event, Incident, Happening, Occurrence, Phenomenon, Eventuality, Episode, Interlude, Adventure, Work, Line of work, Line, Occupation, Profession, Career, Employment, Job, Day job, Position, Pursuit, Vocation, Calling, Field, Sphere, Walk of life, Trade, Craft, Trade, Trading, Commerce, Buying and selling, Dealing, Traffic, Trafficking, Marketing, Merchandising, Bargaining

How to use Business (source) document in a sentence?

  1. Experts who typically conduct their business over the internet.
  2. What these critics are missing is the stage business that occurs during the dialogue.
  3. Firms who want to do business with Japan.
  4. His goons will go through the ship like a business of ferrets.
  5. Ready access to a reliable source of food made the mission a valuable meeting place for traditional business.

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