Business Defined

Business Defined,

Definition of Business Defined:

Four definitions apply to predict boiler and engine business interventions: 1) Preparation of finished product, manufacture, which is loaded, shipped or ready to sell 2) On-site sales, aggregate Sales 3) Rent, rent that can be collected on site or 4) Direction, dirty instruction on site.

Literal Meanings of Business Defined


Meanings of Business:
  1. Possession, possession or routine possession of a person.

  2. Tradition of making a living

  3. An event or series of events that is usually embarrassing or shameful.

  4. Actions other than dialogue by actors.

Sentences of Business
  1. He will keep smiling a lot in his business

Synonyms of Business

set of circumstances, craft, work, job, interlude, dealing, vocation, sphere, episode, happening, line of work, employment, trading, adventure, incident, trade, matter, case, issue, commerce, circumstance


Meanings of Defined:
  1. A schema or specification is stated by marking or health declaration.

Sentences of Defined
  1. Specific limit