Business crime insurance

Business crime insurance,

Definition of Business crime insurance:

  1. Business crime insurance is available because most commercial property or business policies do not cover crime-related losses. Companies can purchase business crime insurance as part of an industrial package policy, also called "special multi-peril insurance," which is a package of different policies to protect the business from crime, property loss, liability, and other types of potential loss situations a business could encounter.

  2. Business crime insurance, also known as commercial crime insurance, is a type of insurance policy that a business can buy to protect itself from losses from business-related crime. Protection through the policy can cover cash, assets, merchandise, or other property loss when someone perpetrates fraud, embezzlement, forgery, misrepresentation, robbery, theft, or any other type of business-related crime on the company.

  3. Insurance that covers the business assets against forgery, robbery, and embezzlement.

How to use Business crime insurance in a sentence?

  1. Business crime insurance covers losses in cash, assets, merchandise, or other property when a crime occurs.
  2. Business crime insurance provides coverage for losses due to fraud, embezzlement, theft, forgery, or any other business crime.
  3. Businesses that deal in cash or online payments are the most susceptible to business crime.
  4. Business crime policies need to be purchased separately as business crimes are not covered under commercial property insurance.

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