Business continuity plan

Business continuity plan,

Definition of Business continuity plan:

  1. Set of documents, instructions, and procedures which enable a business to respond to accidents, disasters, emergencies, and/or threats without any stoppage or hindrance in its key operations. Also called business resumption plan, disaster recovery plan, or recovery plan. See also business continuity planning.

How to use Business continuity plan in a sentence?

  1. In order to keep our stock holders happy, even if there is a world war going on, we now as a company have a business continuity plan so we will never have to shut down.
  2. I thought we had a really good business continuity plan , but I was wrong about our last plan, so I dont trust myself.
  3. You should try to always have a strong business continuity plan in place and stick to it through the duration.

Meaning of Business continuity plan & Business continuity plan Definition